Critical comments invited. A quick break. No time to set the frame. Yet, what one may get is the memory to preserve and...

Travel and Street Photographer

My Name is Raul Farfan, I am a travel and street photographer, always looking to test new styles and to expand my...

Dusty Sunset

Hi all, I took this on a cruise in the Caribbean a couple of years ago. A lot of dust had been blown off Africa and it...
Last: March 27, 2019

Challenged myself to use only 70-200 + 2x teleconverter - CC welcome

Hi all, Last Saturday I challenged myself to use only my Tamron 70-200 + 2x teleconverter ( on...

Traveling to Milan, Italy for 4 weeks...HELP!

Hey Fstoppers community, I'm traveling to Milan with my wife starting this Tuesday and I'll be there until 18th of...
Last: March 23, 2019

Got my new backpack camera insert - recommended!

Following a question I posted here a few weeks ago, I just received my new backpack insert for my camera gear. It is...
Last: March 16, 2019

Capadocia Turkey

Took a hot air balloon ride in Capadocia Turkey at dawn. It was an amazing experience.
Last: March 5, 2019

Camera contest by

There's this photographer named Jared Polin who goes by the nickname, that is reaching his 1,000,...


Hi, I'm not a professional Travel photographer but have taken a few travel photos while I'm on Sabbatical in Mauritius...

Willy's Rock

When we hear of Aklan Province, the first thing that comes to mind is Boracay Beach, a well-known attraction, and a...

Zoomed vs Wide Landscapes

Hey All, I travel for work, so I get stuck in odd places for a couple months at a time. Most recently, I'm in Kansas...

Crete Georgioupolis

Canon EOS 5D Mark III+Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 apo ex dg os hsm f/5.6-119mm-1/2500-ISO200

Late evening fishermen

Long exposure using a backpack resting in wet sand as I didn't have a tripod. Fishermen we nice enough to not move much...

Bruges, Belgium

The fantastic food and beer made it difficult to get out and shoot at night ;)

Samaria gorge

Nikon D3000 Trip to Samaria gorge at Crete in 2011, beautifull place.
Last: February 1, 2019

Seeking clarity... Can someone help me understand?

First things first, these 2 photos ARE NOT MINE. They belong to Alex Strohl, and I pulled them from the "Travel Alberta...
Last: January 29, 2019

Bike shop in Eindhoven

Loved this shop and happy how this came out when I got the film developed, Let me know what you think


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Rock Beach

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