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Difficulties With Travel Photography.

Hey guys, really curious as to what challenges most of us often face when photo travelling, for me it has always been the culture shock, adapting to new environments take me a while.
What's yours?

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Ruth Carll's picture

Seeing something in post that I wish I could change but not being able to go back. And a little fear of carrying too much gear and looking like an easy target for a snatch and run.

Interesting topic!

Raul Farfan's picture

In my case its not doing my previous homework of identifying the key spots... Those that are not normally visited by tourists... And hide amazing opportunities for shoots. The other one i faced recently is that in India you have to take out all your electronics from the back pack and put them on a bin when going through security... Therefore it is better to arrive with plenty of time to the airport...

Brian G's picture

Culture shock is huge to me. I have only traveled to Haiti where things are nowhere near what we in the developed world understand. Once you acclimate to the sights, smells, tastes, etc. the environment opens up to you. Great topic/question.

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My case is similar to that of Raul's. It's damn bad not doing a thorough home work on identification of key spots.

I love this topic.

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You know... no matter how much homework I do, prep, research, shot planning, google street viewing, etc. when I get on site it always seems to go pear shaped. The best made plans go out the window, and I have to improvise on site. Part of the challenge and love for all this. In other countries how you carry yourself counts for a lot... hard to put my finger on it. But if you come across like a rich tourist with a fancy camera or an Instagram princess you'll get a cool reception. Take your time, be open, converse and share with locals. I've found once they get to know you, even just a little, it goes a long way! I often say I'm sharing the experience through my camera for my father who can't travel. It's true, but it seems to make an almost instant connection. There is a great quote by U.S. General Patton that goes something like this that I think relates to travel photo shoots well: "In the heat of battle, a plan is useless - but planning is invaluable!"