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Joseph Costa's picture

Croatian Sunset

I took this photo sailing out of Croatia and I managed to capture this stunning sunset! Let me know what you think. Anything I can improve on? Anything I should edit differently?

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Shawn Mahan's picture

Croatia is just beautiful. This make me want to sail up and down the Dalmatian coast! I think you have a great shot here. One thing I might do is edit out that small boat. The other thing is that the sky seems flat compared to shine on the water. Maybe you could try to play with hues in the sky to get a little more color there, or maybe bring the exposure down on the water. I find my eyes only hovering on the water. They come back to the building, but then back to the water.

Joseph Costa's picture

Thanks so much! I totally didn't notice that boat I will remove that thank you. I will also experiment with the other feedback you provided. <3 for your support

Dennis Mac Caskie's picture

Lovely color in the sky, nice balance between the big land mass and tiny islands. Might have been improved if the ratio of sky to land was greater, or lesser - you didn't divide it 1:1, which is good, but I've noticed that for real impact, you've got to get far away from 1:1, even from 1:2. I'm still working on that issue too.