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Raotonga Sunset, Mother & Child

I was shooting the sunset at Blackrock beach on Rarotonga, had the tripod set, camera set, and was waiting for the right moment. Then this woman and her child walked right into frame on me! Obviously tourists, and the location is by the airport so it's probably the first spot a lot of visitors stop at for the big vacation selfie - and who wouldn't stop to snap that sunset! At first, I was pissed, but then moved over a bit to center her against the sunset and took a few shots for the heck of it. What I got is actually one of my favorite shots from that trip. Wish I had their info I'd love to send them a copy!

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Shawn Mahan's picture

Beautiful sky! Blocking the sun was a great idea. The same scene would be interesting if they were a little more silhouetted.