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Vanlife winter expedition in the Arctic circle.

In the winter of 2018/2019 my girlfriend and I traveled through Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland (Lapland), & Norway) with our two dogs in our converted camper-van with only our wood stove and thick king sized sleeping bag to stay warm. in our 1996 Mercedes Sprinter van with over 350,000 miles on its clocks. We traveled through thick snow on un-plowed forest roads to remote wild camping locations, through blizzards at night, over the icy snow covered mountain passes of Norway and through national parks and the amazing isolated wilderness of Lapland.
Immersing ourselves in the dark peaceful solitude of a -35c Scandinavian winter. our goal was to eventually reach the Nordkapp (northern most point) which we achieved just after new year and at the darkest harshest but most beautiful months of the winter solstice, with only hours of light each day and hundreds of miles to be driven daily.

It was a 3 month winter adventure of a lifetime. and a true expedition we will never forget.

these are just a few of the images taken on that journey.

Enjoy! :-)

ps......... all photos taken on a small Canon G7xii power shot camera shooting RAW, and a small tripod. I don't have a lot of money for expensive lenses, cameras and gear so i spend all I have on fuel and amazing adventures instead! unfortunately no drone photos here haha xD

pss.......hopefully this will convince people with less money and no fancy gear to just get out there and have an adventure with what they already have. While it is nice to have all the gear, you don't need 5 lenses 3 cameras and an army of drones to document an amazing adventure. the location will do all the hard work for you ;-D

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