Zoomed vs Wide Landscapes

Hey All,

I travel for work, so I get stuck in odd places for a couple months at a time. Most recently, I'm in Kansas and exploring this interesting state. The longer I shoot, the more I find myself zooming in on different aspects of a particular landscape while photographing.

Those of you who shoot landscapes, do you enjoy a...

Seeking clarity... Can someone help me understand?

First things first, these 2 photos ARE NOT MINE. They belong to Alex Strohl, and I pulled them from the "Travel Alberta" collection on his site. I pulled these to use as an example.


Now that I have my disclosures out of the way, on to the question:

These past few days I've...

Stripes on the promenade

Hi all,

This shot was actually taken almost a year ago, but I just now got to work on it. I put my car for an annual treatment at the garage, and used the time to walk along the Haifa promenade. The location in the photo is used every week for folk dancing, but on a weekday in the morning it was pretty deserted. I used a low angle to...