I need help deciding!

Ok guys and gals, I could really use your input. I am upgrading to a full frame camera for my wedding photography and I could use some input. Since I launched my wedding business this year I already have 4 wedding booked. I just sold my Canon 7d and I am about to purchase a full frame camera so that I don't have to keep renting one. I do not...

Atlanta Collective Cover Photo

Now that the Atlanta Collective is growing I think it is a great time for a little photo competition. I would really like to change the group photograph and I want it to come from you. For the month of March post you favorite Atlanta shot to this group and at the end of the month the members will vote for the best picture to become the cover...

Well, I guess I will introduce myself

Hey everyone!

My names Davison, I have been doing photography for a little over 9 years now. I obtained my associates degree in commercial photography from Gwinnett Technical College. I have photographed for the Gwinnett Braves, done test shooting for modeling agencies but my main area currently as i transition is Wedding Photography. I...

Greetings, i'm John Dekker

I live in Roswell, retired from AT&T after 33 years, and can't wait for either snow or daffodils.

I have a website where i try to post photos from various trips, vacations, and other things around town. http://dekkershot.com

i go by jd


Hey guys, don't know how, but just found and joined fstoppers. Excited to see what this group can grow into. I live in Suwanee, and have been doing photography at a hobbyist level for about 4 years.

talk soon!

Out a little

Hey guys, glad to see a Georgia-based group on here. I'm based out of Monroe, which is closer to Athens than Atlanta on Hwy 78, but most of my clients are in the metro area. I shoot two genres of images mainly: architecture and sporting (fishing and hunting). Excited to check out the work y'all are putting out there!

New Guy Intro

Just saw this group. Having just moved to the Atlanta area (Marietta) last December, I'm pumped to find this group. Hopefully more Atlanta peeps join this group.

My name is Mac MacDonald and I'm currently in my first year of charging people to take their pictures. I focus primarily on wedding photography, but also do head shots (ton of...

Welcome to the Atlanta Collective

Atlanta is a city rich with artistic talent. This is a meeting place for all of those people. It is my vision for this to be a place where we can come to gether and help each other learn and grow as well as collaberate with one another. As you join this group leave an intro post so we can better get to know one another.

My name is Matt...