Last: August 24, 2019


For me, low key portraits work,
Last: August 23, 2019

Golden Chocolate

A shot from a series of images to explore the beauty of the female body and the skin
Last: August 21, 2019


one more self portrait from the salt flats
Last: August 20, 2019

Portrait of Krista

I started trying to be a photographer about a year ago, so naturally, I begged and begged my girlfriend to let me...
Last: August 18, 2019


Series I was planning to further (but stalled). I was pairing my own pics with tear sheets from actual vintage nude...
Last: August 18, 2019

art nudes at the salt flats

went to the salt flats last night and took some self portraits
Last: August 6, 2019


i just noticed that (up until now) i haven't uploaded any black and while work even though i've been doing quite a bit...
Last: July 31, 2019

A how-to guide to shooting Erotic Photoart, a compendium to my Erotic Photoart Magazines, by Carsten Burmeister

When shooting nudes different rules apply. You don’t want to be too clinical, literal or un-adventurous, because you’ll...
Last: July 30, 2019


A shoot with my friend Geri.
Last: July 25, 2019


A body painting shoot with an American model. Bundle of tnx to my dear mentor Earl for the patience to do the whole...
Last: July 18, 2019

Woman in the water

I threw a woman into the water again. The clothes are dry and lying on the edge.
Last: July 21, 2019
Last: July 19, 2019

Woman with a Tulle

Shot this one with a hard backlight in my studio this week. Used a Canon EOS 5D mark IV with EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II...
Last: July 19, 2019

The hotel room

The model is lounging in the middle of the shoot between the lingerie shots and the nudes. I like the pose as well as...
Last: July 15, 2019

A few more of Peach in the Park

Peach Meadows Kennedy, if you're in the States look her up, an absolute pleasure to work with and not afraid to climb a...
Last: July 4, 2019

sand in the cracks

interested to see what people think. I already know what I like and dont like about this shot.

Peach in the Park

From a shoot I did a couple of years ago with a travelling model from the States. Shot in a park near me at around 9-...
Last: July 4, 2019

Photos on the wooden floor

I'm always "criticized" for so many photos where models lying around on a wooden floor. The easy answer: I like the...
Last: June 27, 2019

Bright with Ink

I am thinking about using this in an article and wanted to get some thoughts first. The article is about composition...
Last: June 25, 2019