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Fabrice Lombard's picture

Douce lueur

i m new to Fstoppers and in this group.

I ve tried something I have wanted to do for a while ... Hope you like it ?!

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Alexis Senecal's picture

Love it !

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thanks Alexis !

George Popescu's picture

Nice lighting, bare lightbulb?

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thanks ! With a flash and homemade diffuser..

Todd Magee's picture

Great stuff

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thanks Todd !

Jonathan Ziegler's picture

Nice! Single light stuff always has a sort of natural fine art appeal, especially in B&W! Frame Worthy!

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Appreciate ! Thanks Jonathan !

Thurston Munn's picture

A little dark for our taste but still very nice !!!

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thanks for your comment !

Peter Grogono's picture

Beautiful work! My only suggestion:more faces!

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thanks Peter ! I will think about it !

Sam David's picture

Well thought out and executed.

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thank you Sam !

John McFarlane's picture

I luv 'em

Craig Bobchin's picture

I love the lighting on these. the last one reminds me of a Ferrari poster by Rick McBride called Decisions Decisions.