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One girl, one sofa, one natural light source

Hey, it's my first time sharing in a group. Hope you like my works!

Shot with Canon 6D + 50mm 1.8.

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Thomas Williams's picture

Last one is my favorite. Nice photos.

Danielius Eidiejus's picture

Thanks, it's definitely one of my favs too :)

Bill Lemon's picture

Nice photo shoot!

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George Popescu's picture

The model is fantastic, the sofa is ok, pay attention to the background more such as in the 2nd photo, and 4th photo.
You can move around to make sure you don't get furniture behind her or poking her in the head as in the 4th shot.

Also for the last two shots, it'd be nice to use a reflector to add more highlights to the dark area of her body on the right in the photos, since the main light is coming from the left, but that's just a personal choice.

Danielius Eidiejus's picture

Thanks, appreciate the in depth critique. I agree with almost everything.

For the 2nd photo I even have a different crop with the furniture deleted (attaching).

For the 4th photo, I really hate that plant being cut off, but I'm not sure whether I want the whole table deleted. I don't want a home to look like a sterilized studio. I'm seeking for a more natural and "at home" mood.

For the last photos, I'll agree with you about it being a personal choice. I wanted more pronounced, dramatic and natural shadows. I love one light source in general and I, most of the times, try to stay away from the perfect lighting with fill lights and so on. But I'll keep in mind to experiment more with fill light.

Thank you very much, I highly appreciate such elaborations <3

Mike Ditz's picture

I think 4 and 6 are the strongest images. Four because the lighting nice on her, and the table and plant give a sense of location. Six I like but IMO cropping up from the bottom of the frame makes a better photo. With the shirt and book you are keeping it sexy without showing a lot...then you show a lot.

Bob Max's picture

fantastic work.. love it