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The Machine Room

Sardinia | 2017

"A gentleman is one who can play the accordian, but doesn't." --Peter Schickele

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The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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Phillip Breske's picture

I'm envious. I've always wanted to shoot a nude model in this kind of environment.

Iain Lea's picture

thanks philip!

we offer a workshop and 1:1 coachings that shoot this location as well as others on the island of sardinia.


Bill Lemon's picture

Nice Capture!!

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George Popescu's picture

Looks fantastic, truly a masterpiece and would make an awesome print!

Nudity where it's not expected, lovely.

Mike Young's picture

I like the contrast between the soft curves of the model and the hard curves of the machines. I like the tones, perhaps a little dark but this may be natural light only from the left?

Iain Lea's picture

thanks mike and yes it was available light shot at sunset