Hi everyone, just joined , and saying hi . I am Shane, a professional fashion and commercial photographer from London UK

Winter Editorial Campaign 2017

Hey I'm Juan Vergara a Photographer based in Miami, Florida.

This is an image from a campaign that I shot for a retail handbag company!
you can see the rest of the images on my profile.

Comments/Critics are Welcome.


Commercial Fashion, does it need colour?

Normally I like to keep commercial fashion images full of colour to show off the product as you would normally see it, but this image I really liked as a mono portrait for a brand I recently shot with. Any thoughts on colour vs mono in fashion photography?


Hello, I´m working in my next shoot and I want to try something like this picture but I'm not sure in how work the light, if any of you could help me, that will be great.

Flower Toss Bridal Fashion

If you were ever wondering how many time you can toss loose flowers in the air for a shot before they fall apart and die, I would suggest the answer is 4. We wanted to do something different after we had shot the model holding the flowers in a more conventional way. We tossed and 'reloaded' flower 4 times, but after that 4th toss the flowers...