The Revelation

"The Revelation - The new is not revealed to those who eyes are fastened in worship upon the old"

Infusing the concept of levitation photography (made popular by Natsumi Hayashi) with fashion in this experimental and conceptual photo shoot.

The wardrobe design is by Josiah Chua Label and is inspired by the experimental spirit of...

Neon Lights

My favourite 3 from a shoot I did last week. I usually do landscape photography so I had a lot of fun trying something new!

Critiques and comments welcome :)


@Ckinsey_ on Instagram if anyone is interested.

"Wandering in the grounds of Royal Palace"

This was in a concept of adding a rose through the royal palace grounds in Athens Greece with my beloved Russian Fashion Designer Model Karina Dryganova.I used 2 flash Canon 600 through a softbox placed on a 90 degree in manual mode always trying to balance the light on her face and the terrain as well.I have tried different approach for my...


Did a nice shoot studio with Miss Finland and this amazing couture dress.

Rosa-Maria Ryyti

Nikita Tikka

Queen Dieynaba

Nikon D610
Nikkor 85mm f1.8
1/1000 || f1.8 || ISO100
Godox AD360 in a 36" octabox

Dieynaba is originally from Africa. The fabric worn was brought over and made into this elegant dress by Sheraz Pompey Designs. The crown was handcrafted by Christie Nelson with AnnMann Designs. The goal of this shoot was to make Dieynaba...

Critics welcome

Hello Experts,
I am just a beginner to the fashion photography and I am based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Please do me a favour. This is just a shoot I did 2 weeks ago and preparing final pictures. I need to know the issues you experts found on it(retouch/lighting/detail loss etc...). Thank you very much for your time.


Wanted to share a recent shoot in studio with Male Model, Erik Peterson.

Lights were covered with various sheets of colored cellophane. Open to constructive critique and comments.

Feedback on Background Lightning

Hey guys, new to the group, I'm actually still in high school, and just started retouching this photo from a recent shoot so neither color or retouch is finished but I wanted some feedback about the contrast with the dark background, I personally like the dramatic light, but what does everyone think.

A 3 hour tour.

Had a test shoot the other day and decided to take out the boat for it. The day was going great, we were getting some awesome images. While I was distracted shooting, I didn't notice the tides going out and before I realized it the boat was completely out of the water. I truly felt like Gilligan that day my friends. Thankfully the model was a...

How to handle a model who wants to edit your photos?

Hi everyone. I recently conducted a trade shoot with some amazing models for our swimwear portfolios. One of the models is now requesting I send her high-res files so that she may edit them (vague).

Thus far I culled the images from our shoot, color-corrected, and sent 2000px jpegs for her to use on instagram. I let her know that I will...

What do you use for your portfolio website platform? SEO?

Hi Friends!

(Apologies if this is the wrong place to post, but I could not find a more targeted group). I was curious what everyone uses as their website platform to showcase their fashion photography? I've tried everything from Wordpress to Wix. So much to choose from. Currently, I am using, and I love the simplicity of it,...

First Fashion Photoshoot

Hey I'm Bobby - a 3D Lighting Artist for Animation in London.
I quite like photography and fashion photography.
I went a shoot yesterday, first serious one of this type. Got a few nice images from it.
Was wondering if anyone has feedback would greatly appreciate it.
Keep on shooting!

Some Fashion Fun

We got out in the evening to do a little portfolio session in the desert and it carried on until after dark in a makeshift garage studio. We hit three locations in the 4 hour session since we didn't want the fancy hair, makeup and five outfits to go to waste.
Location 1) A flood control culvert under the railroad tracks out in the desert...

Ari II

here I am sharing another shot I recently uploaded. every kind of critique is accepted.

She is a friend of a friend of mine but she is not a professional model, she's doing it just as a hobby, and it was not meant to be a shooting day, all I had was my Camera (Canon 5D Mark III + 85mm 1.2L) and nothing more, no makeup artist, no sketches...