Behind the Fashion.

Hiya all. The name's Myles and I work professionally shooting fashion & BTS in Sydney, Australia. Just wanted to share some my current and past backstage work just to show what it's like behind the runway. Enjoy.


High key shoot.

Goal was not to make the most extreme high key images.

This is the result. What do you think of them by retouching and posing etc?

Low Key Beauty Portrait

Model: Sunny
MUA: Sunny
Jewelry: Custom made Necklace and matching ear rings by Ra Jewelry.
Photog/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers (

*Lit with one Beauty Dish overhead*

Sol Nebula

Hello All,

I have recently done a shoot with a dark feel. The Theme was "Sol Nebula".

I would love to hear some comments and suggestions.



Images was taken with the 5d mark iii and the canon 24-70 2.8
3 light setup
1 32x48 softbox at about 45 degrees camera left, one 47" photek umbrella overhead and one 12x36" strip softbox behind model


I had idea to use backdrop in a creative way. Backlit should give a illusion of wings. wondering what do you guys think about it?

New to the group

Just stopping in to say hi and have a look around. High fashion aesthetic is my true love but dont always get the opportunity to shoot that and have to settle for commercial editorial fashion a lot of the time.

Fashion portraits

I've been frustrated with my direction lately. I had this shoot this week and am pretty happy with the results. Hopefully I can continue to grow in this direction.

Model: Shea McLoughlin
HMUA: Bee Main

Shoot in Paradise aka Costa Rica!

This my Vacation Beach Property I will make my Studio soon,

I will conduct workshops and offers special discount rates for Photographer, Videographers, Models, ect in our business.
Beautiful beaches, rainforests, rivers, & waterfalls make your work amazing!
Shooting PLAYBOY PLUS type shoots in...

Fashion Shoot Locations - London Tips?


Has anybody got any tips on finding budget (lets define that as £200, or less and up to £500 for the day) locations for fashion photoshoots in the London, UK area?

Ideally, I am looking for somewhere a bit grungey that has some indoor and outdoor space for some time in May 2017.

I've used services like Vrumi in the...

CC - Power of Emotion

These pictures ( just 4) have been published by Ellements Magazine December Issue and would like to hear your opinions
Here is crew
Photographer: Ekin Can Bayrakdar
Stylist : Carolina Bergonzoni
Make up : Vanessa Altieri
Hair Stylist : Santiago Rodriguez
Model : Maddie @ D1 Models