Introduce yourself by posting one of your favorite Swimwear photos!

Hey everybody, my name is Rex, I currently live in Saint George, Utah. Most of my photography is one landscape or another, but on occasion I'll dabble in portraiture and I've studied a wide variety of styles for portraiture simply to grow and expand as a photographer. I'm still pretty new to shooting swimwear and I feel like I've got a lot to...

Newbie To The Group

Well, here is my first post in this group so I selected a couple of my faves.

Sot on location on the beaches around Melbourne, Australia with a Godox QT-600, Godox LP800x Inverter and a 300mm Beauty Dish.


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Ornella at Point Pelee National Park

Hey everyone, I'm new to the group. I am a commercial photographer from Windsor, Ontario Canada. I have been shooting (digital) since 2003.

This shoot was a collaboration between myself, sometimes model Ornella Amora and hair artist Wissam Kayal, shot in July 2018 at Point Pelee in Leamington, Ontario.

Comments/CC welcome.

The Morning Mile.

In a group that seems to be dominated by boobs and buns, just to mix it up a little, I thought I would add an image of an actual swimmer, actually swimming, and wearing actual swim gear.
TYR model Lay Fortis shreds the pool!

Damn Miss Daisy

Will take all the critiques I can get. Canon 6D and Canon 135 F2 iso 50 1/4000 sec xplor600 48 fotodiox octabox


Shooting swimwear, several hundred miles away from any beach, in the forest is always a unique challenge. But I'm happy with how it turned out! Feedback welcome! :)

long time watcher, first time poster!!

Hey there everyone! I've finally worked up my nerve to post on the stoppers site! Swimwear is a lot of fun to shoot and I thought this would be an equally fun group to join! Here are a couple of shots from my latest shoot. I'd love to hear what you all least I think I'm ready for it, lol!

My first swim shoot

Hello everyone. I did my first swim shoot recently and found it to be fun. I usually shoot lifestyle but had the chance to shoot swimwear. Let me know what you think. :)