Introduce yourself by posting one of your favorite Swimwear photos!

Hey everybody, my name is Rex, I currently live in Saint George, Utah. Most of my photography is one landscape or...
Last: September 25, 2019

New to the group

Hi everybody, my name is Ricardo Mantilla @ricardomantilla. Based out of Miami, FL. My main focus on photography is...
Last: January 21, 2020

Oceanarium IV

Italy | 2017 "Never resist the opportunity to keep your mouth shut." --Newton Peck #2017 #italy #sardinia #asian #...
Last: January 21, 2020

Some work in Miami

Here is a sample of a campaign shot in Miami
Last: January 1, 2020

Color Grade Feedback

Hi Everyone, I'm just beginning to try my hand at post processing and am having trouble achieving colors that I'm happy...
Last: November 15, 2019

The Reservation XXV

Italy | 2019 "This isn't right. This isn't even wrong." --Wolfgang Pauli #lightaffaire #2019 #travel #italy #italian #...

SwimSuit Photography with Mixed Light Efect in Out Door by Ipsito Das

Outdoor Photography is one of the most critical and full of technique photography. Over here even you can use lights as...

Swimsuit photography by Ipsito Das

To have swimsuit photograph the model should be very flexible. Here she is extremly flexible for the shoot. This...

Sunset, the beach and a beautiful model - what more can you wish for?

I shot this portrait of the beautiful Carmen on the beach of Pärnu, Estonia. Wish I had had a wireless flash for fill...

Any thought?

Had a little photoshoot the other morning.

Waiting for Dorian

Here are some images from a 4 look shoot taken while waiting for hurricane Dorian to arrive in Miami, FL.
Last: September 25, 2019

I don't shoot much swimwear

I was hired by brand to shoot some photos for their campaign and I had a lot of fun creating this photo.


Photographer from Western Canada, Lake Country. Shot at sunset after the sun had dipped.


a wreck. w womane. silence.

An Image I shot for an online boutiques new swimline.

the day of the shoot was perfect soft cloudy weather, which is rare in San Diego. However during this shoot, the tide...

F.R.E.E A Fashion Series (Swimwear Edition)

What does it mean to really be F.R.E.E? How does it feel to be really F.R.E.E? Explore what it really means to be F.R.E...

Film or Digital?

Not trying to argue I just love to hear opinions! Personally I choose to shoot all of my art on film.
Last: August 20, 2019

Newbie To The Group

Well, here is my first post in this group so I selected a couple of my faves. Sot on location on the beaches around...
Last: August 4, 2019