Introduce yourself by posting one of your favorite Swimwear photos!

Hey everybody, my name is Rex, I currently live in Saint George, Utah. Most of my photography is one landscape or another, but on occasion I'll dabble in portraiture and I've studied a wide variety of styles for portraiture simply to grow and expand as a photographer. I'm still pretty new to shooting swimwear and I feel like I've got a lot to...

F.R.E.E A Fashion Series (Swimwear Edition)

What does it mean to really be F.R.E.E? How does it feel to be really F.R.E.E?
Explore what it really means to be F.R.E.E!
Photo and Post: Richard Oppong (@platinum.imagery)
Model: Kathy (@mingele)
Makeup: Maima (@glamourholic_base)
Costume and Styling: Tolani Enwereji / Definition Co (@tolani_e / @...

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Newbie To The Group

Well, here is my first post in this group so I selected a couple of my faves.

Sot on location on the beaches around Melbourne, Australia with a Godox QT-600, Godox LP800x Inverter and a 300mm Beauty Dish.

Malibu at Malibu

2 light set up at high tide. Image of the cover up. The sun was on the other side of the hill. I was hoping for a golden hour image but it didn’t happen. I should have location scouted better.

Lets Got Skateboarding

I'm in love with old vintage torn pictures, that are faded with scratches. Still haven't perfected the style, but I'm getting better with each picture.
And yes, she's wearing a bikini.

Camera: Sony a7ii
Settings: iso100 F/5 1/400
Lens: Samyang 35mm f/2.8


Hi! Well my name is Annemarie, i'm from the Netherlands and new here. I love shooting swimwear so here are a couple of my favorite images. Let me know what you think!