Portrait from Tribal Area

I took this this shot in tribal area which is a federally administered tribal area bordering Afghanistan where a little hunter giving me a nice pose.

Hannah N. Headshot #2

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for this image. This is my first shot at ditching the strobes for natural light using the translucent portion of a 5-in-1, forty-something inch reflector for my key light, and the silver side of a small reflector for kicker. At first glance I really liked this image, but there are a few...


A little Nigerian girl who is selling barley for pigeon in the street of Madina/Saudi Arabia where pilgrims buy these barley from her on 1 riyal and feed pigeon for reward.

Hobby shooter wants to go pro

Hi everybody! My name is Will Sherrill. I have been a hobby shooter for a few years. Mostly landscapes and pictures of my kids and family. I was interested in starting a part time business doing headshots. Here is a selfie. Any advice on what to do to get started would be greatly appreciated!

Meg L. Headshot

Had an awesome time with the stunning miss Meg yesterday. She showed up with her game face on, and kept it on throughout the shoot. I think this was one of my favorite shoots so far. Not only did she know exactly what she wanted, but it was tough getting her to open up. When she eventually let her guard down, it was a lot of fun.

By the...

Crysta Ward

Crysta confessed that she's not used to having her photo taken. After only a few minutes, though, she let loose and had a great time!

As always, feedback is welcomed and much appreciated. :)

Luis Headshot

After talking with Luis a lot about his family and experiences, I asked him if I could take some pictures of him. He liked the idea and when I showed him the results he was very happy

First Post - Headshot for Ophthalmologists

Hi, all! I'm new to Fstoppers, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a professional beauty and headshot photographer in Indonesia. This is my latest headshot project, The Ophthalmologist at Bandung Eye Center Hospital.

Vertical Headshot | CC

The subject of the photograph is a recording artist named Royal Blu.
The images was captured using Nikon D3200 with a 50mm f1.8 using natural light and a diffuser between the subject and the sun.
The image was taken by Jamaican Photographer, D. L. Samuels with creative direction of Shanice J. Douglas.
- - -
Get your...

Beauty shots

Hi everyone. I'm a South African portrait and wedding photographer based in Johannesburg. Here are some beauty headshots I did a while ago for a MUA's portfolio.

Abz Mystery Photography

Hey guys. Just getting a hang of this. It's been a while since I have logged on here. I will try and upload my best work.

I am a Fashion Photographer in London, UK. I have been doing Fashion/Portraits for nearly 3 years. I am continuing to grow as a photographer. To see all my up to date images. I am on Instagram @abzmysteryphotography....

Building my portfolio

I recently changed to a Nikon D750 after shooting on the lower end Nikon's for years. Full frame photography is joyous. This photo of my niece was shot on the 24-120 F4 at 120mm.

I've always had eclectic taste with photography but do love to take headshots. I'm currently building a portfolio of work and would love feedback.

Nikon Active D lighting: On or Off in a Studio Portrait setting?

Does anyone have any recommendations (or thoughts) as to whether Nikon Active D lighting should be left on - (in which case recommendations for settings) i.e. low - medium - high or auto?) Or turned completely off, when shooting portraits in a studio setting?

I use Photoshop for editing and use a Nikon D700.

In advance, many...

Hello group, Im new here!

Hello, I'm new here, so I would like to greet you, I'm begginer in photography, but I will show few photos. Please rate the pictures.

Marek :)

My modest eq:
Canon 1100D
50mm 1.8 STM

Hello from a newbie.

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself. I've been shooting landscapes primarily over the past year and a half and recently decided to add headshots and portraits to my body of work. Really loving a lot of the work I've seen in this group so far, and looking forward to getting to know you all.

Here's an image...

Spacing of reflector and key light

Hey Dylan. I love your tutorials and have watched them over and over. I have a huge problem using your setup with reflector and keylight with a crop sensor camera. I may have it over too far or not far enough.

Can you give me the info or a diagram on how far the key light should be from the person and how far the reflector should be away...