SB-700 Nikon Flash Sync Speed with Nikon D750

Not sure why my flash sync is not doing the strobe thing. I set my camera to Flash Sync to 1/250s (Auto FP) and I use a Vello Transmitter on my camera and Vello Receiver on my Nikon SB-700 flash (set to Manual & turned to ON). The flash goes off but I cannot go any faster than the flash sync speed of 1/250.
Is there a setting on my...

First attempt at Hollywood Noir

I recently made my first attempt at the traditional 'Hollywood Noir' style of portrait work. The image was shot via two Tungsten lamps, with a Fresnel lens and barn door.

Does anyone in the group have experience of this genre and could offer assistance in respect of further learning resources.

C and C welcome and much appreciated...

Natural Light VS. Studio Light

If I could go back in time, of course I would make changes to both of these images! But my clients were happy. Which look do you think would sell better?

For the girl, she needs more room above her eyes. Her hairline at least! Love her expression. Mixed feelings about the intensity of the hair. Can live without the necklace.


Meet Ann!

She is young plastic surgeon based in Moscow. Critique, comments are welcome!
Shot on 5d Mark4 with 24-70/2.8 on 70mm and f6.3. Continuous light - Flexible LED panels.


Pentax K-3. Proektsionny lens KO-120m (120mm, f1,8) adapted for the camera. Natural light from the window