Model: Ewald Tienkamp

Model: Ewald Tienkamp
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/320
Aperture: F / 1.6
Iso: 640
Camera: Canon 5DmkIII
Lens: 85mm 1.4

When it comes to photography, creating peace is an important part, to eventually see what you photograph and can determine when you press the...

Model: John Geerts

Model: John Geerts
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/500
Iso: F / 1.6
Iso: 640
Camera: Canon 5DmkIII
Lens: 85mm

Brake lamp lighting is one of the most commonly used light fixtures used. The easiest way to get this relief is to stand on the dark side of the model.

Model Headshot in Alexandria VA

Did some black on black headshots with a model in my studio. Experimenting with a some dramatic lighting. Used some v-flats and feathering to create some dramatic lighting.

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One of the veteran actors from the local theater community had always been in my head as a great subject for a dramatic portrait shoot. Last week I finally asked him to come over and couldn't have been happier with the results.

He started out very uncomfortable and insecure, but we kept talking until the light and camera disappeared and...

First attempt at a portrait/headshot

Coming from landscape and deep sky photography I never thought I'd take pictures of people, thinking I didn't have it in me.

However, today a long time friend of mine came over for a cup of coffee. She had just updated her profile on FB and seeing that it wasn't much of a profile picture I replied that next time she'd be in the...


I have heaps of people coming up to me lately complaining about their gear and how they would like to shoot like I do, but blame their gear for almost everything and make excuses not to shoot.
Not enough pixels, shitty speedlights, no studio space ect.. the list goes on and on.

I set myself a challenge in an upcoming tutorial to...

Natural Light Portrait !

Let me know if you think this works !
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Aiden James Paper Boy Headshot

My very imaginative son was pretending to be a paper boy from the 20's. Please let me know what you think and what you might have done differently. One crop is as shot and the other is square for Instagram.