Hello from a newbie.

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself. I've been shooting landscapes primarily over the past year and a half and recently decided to add headshots and portraits to my body of work. Really loving a lot of the work I've seen in this group so far, and looking forward to getting to know you all.

Here's an image...

Spacing of reflector and key light

Hey Dylan. I love your tutorials and have watched them over and over. I have a huge problem using your setup with reflector and keylight with a crop sensor camera. I may have it over too far or not far enough.

Can you give me the info or a diagram on how far the key light should be from the person and how far the reflector should be away...


Hello my good friends, my name is Alvaro from Veracruz, Mexico. I am a full time professional photographer specialized in Portraiture.

I love natural light but i do studio lighting as well.

I want to share my work with all and make new friends here.

Man Bun Down! My first attempt.......

This was my first attempt at shooting a more stylized fashion looking headshot. I shot at F13 on my Rokinon 85mm with side clamshell lighting and a 36" octa just above my head. Any feedback would be great! This was not a paying job just a personal project with a willing model.

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone, I am new here on fstoppers, every critique and help is welcome =D
I am in a crisis, lack of imagination and trying to learn something new, improve my knowledge and so on.
Here is osme work from me, feel welcome to judge haha =)
I work with natural light only.

Driving with a spider

That shot gave my a fame :)))) Cinematic look and the great play of model Karolina here. The light was natural from the garage door. I added a web to make it more misterious. I hope u like it!
My page - www.damianpiorko.com

Fun With People!

Hi everyone! I am a student at the Art Institute of Phoenix. I have built up my commercial product portfolio but am now practicing my portraiture techniques. If you have the time to take a look, I am looking for honest feedback. Thanks!

Nikon Active D lighting: On or Off in a Studio Portrait setting?

Does anyone have any recommendations (or thoughts) as to whether Nikon Active D lighting should be left on - (in which case recommendations for settings) i.e. low - medium - high or auto?) Or turned completely off, when shooting portraits in a studio setting?

I use Photoshop for editing and use a Nikon D700.

In advance, many...

New member and greetings from the right hand bank of the pond.

I started in Photography a fair while back and changed to portrait/headshots totally by accident. I attended a wedding- studio course and found that I was much more interested in studio work.- than weddings!

I'm presently focusing on fashion work and portfolio, both in and out of the studio. I'm mainly self taught; I have enclosed some...


I created this portrait using two sb910 into 60x60 cm soft box into a little room.
Nikon D700 and 85mm f1.4g.

Do you like it?

instagram: giorgiozamboni


Natural light portrait. How deal a complete overcast grey sky? Easy, creating a beautiful sunset with a great gold relfector.
Basel (CH) - Urban style

Hello group, Im new here!

Hello, I'm new here, so I would like to greet you, I'm begginer in photography, but I will show few photos. Please rate the pictures.

Marek :)

My modest eq:
Canon 1100D
50mm 1.8 STM

New here

Here are some photos from a paintball portrait photoshoot I would love to see what you guys think I used all continuous lighting.