Exploring the gels... Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII Three SpeedLights Nikon SB910 Two gels Blue&Pink on one Background Speedlight, Elinchrome Deep Octa 27" 39" Gold Reflector Lastolite 37" F4.0 1/160 ISO125 200mm

Photoshoot with Anna

Photoshoot with projector.... Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII Epson 2100 Full HD 3LCD SpeedLights Nikon SB910 Elinchrome Deep Octa 27" 39" Lastolite Reflector Silver Pocket Wizard TT5 f3.5 1/80 ISO250 200mm

Hello Everyone!

Recently we had an idea with my make up artist and made it happen
the Photoshoot is in my studio and the shot is the first we took lets talk about your opinion for the outcome.
Glad to hear from you in advance!

Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait!
Arber Elezi Photography

Studio Portrait

Studio Portrait!
Canon 5D Mark IV, 85mm F/1.2, F/14, 1/200s, iso 100, 2 Lights setup, Beauty dish with grid, backlight and Silver Reflector under the face!
Arber Elezi Photography

Model: Aukje Dutch Brandy

Model: Aukje Dutch Brandy
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/750
Aperture: F / 1.4
Iso: 100
Camera: Canon 5DmkII
Lens: 85mm

The difference between working in a studio or on location is how you can use the space. In a studio, as a photographer, you often stand in front of...


Nikon D750, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro @ f/7.1, ISO 1600, 1s. Using the light from a laptop screen. Needed long shutter speed and high ISO but quite happy with the result.

Straight out

Hi guys, this is my first post and I've just recently delved into the world of photography. I've been learning a lot and will buy my first pro camera tomorrow... This one was taken on a SX 400 IS which I used to learn a little bit, you know, to find out if I really liked photography. Turns out I loved it. :)

Now this image is an old one...

Photoshoot with Denise....

Photoshoot with Denise.... Using aluminium foil with colourful gels... Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII, Three Speed Lights SB910, Two Rotalux Deep Octas 27" 39", Lastolite 37"Silver/Gold, Pocket Wizard TT5 f4 1/125 Iso125 200mm