How much is too much?... or knowing when to stop

We all do it...take a portrait and work on it, trying to achieve some degree of perfection. But how much is our collective desire for perfection too much? I'm particularly speaking about the way we as photographers edit eyes, skin, and hair. Here is a shot from the other day. I deliberately left a bunch of loose hair, didn't lighten the eyes,...

Headshot event

This is a small sample of headshots from a recent career fair I did. I shot 167 people in 4 hours so in most cases only had 1-2 minutes per person to coach them into a pose. Considering the constraints I think these came out great. I did a key light with rectangular soft box and reflector, a kicker with a magbox and a speed light on gray...

Introduction post and a headshot

Hello everyone, I'm David Allen Smith and currently located in North Carolina. I've spent the last 12 years in the military and now I'm in the process of getting out. I want to get back into photography full time, but I also do skydiving instruction and photo/video part time so I'll have to balance the two.

Anyway, here's a headshot!

My first headshot ever. Please let me know your thoughts.

This is my first headshot I've ever done so I had no reference if this is a good one or a bad one. I have no experience in this genre. It's a two light setup - octabox and background. The model don't want excessive retouching so i tried to keep it as natural as possible. I also can't decide if the colored or the b&w version works best for...

Practicing Lighting

Hi guys,
I am new to the group and this whole headshot photography thing, i was practicing with some lighting and retouching last night. (when you have no one else to get in front of the camera, why not use yourself). anyway these are the best pictures i got.

i would appreciate any feedback in how i can improve, either as a model...

My first headshots! I need your feedback.

This was a business headshot. it was a 2 lighting setup with a reflector. I have done many beauty photography before, but this was my first business headshot. let me know what do you like and dislike about it, in term of lighting, editing.. etc

Violin fairytale

I wasn't planning of taking a dedicated headshot during a senior/matric photoshoot. This is a cropped version that I feel lost some detail. However the overall look I am happy with. How should I raise the bar?

The challenge of shooting outdoors.

A shot from a class I ran last weekend on Portrature which took place outside. This particular shot was taken at the entrance to an old railway tunnel which provided some interesting strong contrasty light. In a situation like this, given the high contrast, I always feel its a good situation to exploit for B@W. As I frequently pass comments on...

What to do when the smile is awful

My dad was in town this last week and I took the opportunity to get a few shots of him. He claimed that his smile was the worst and I had to agree with him. I tried some other expressions on him but I found it difficult to get one that captures his personality best.

Headshot for Oscar Lars Painting

One image out of a few that I was commissioned to shoot back in March.

Shot with:

Nikon D3100
Nikon 50mm f/1.8D
Sunpak MS-4000 + Umbrella

ISO 400

On the Limitations of the Gear:

Shooting with a really old, incredibly limited gear set is nothing new to me. Until...

Personal Headshot

Decided to update my personal headshot. Nice modern, clean commercial look.

Used some old ass Speedotron brownlines - I got from craigslist a while back. 400 watt pack and three heads. Not a lot of power control so I had to use some ND gels to shoot with this low of an F stop - f/4 in this case.

Two bare strobes behind for edge...


A natural light outdoor shoot at an intersection under construction, downtown Orlando, Florida
© 2019 Gary McGillivray-Birnie

Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie

Model: Jenna Elisabeth @jenna_elisabeth_

Sony A7rii Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8 GM
ISO: 100, Aperture: f/5, Shutter: 1/...