Backing up images: SSD or Cloud - any thoughts?

As my portrait/headshot work grows. I'm suddenly running out of hard drive space and another 500MB back up drive is suddenly almost full.

How do fellow members store their work on stand alone SSD's? Or cloud storage (and if the latter suggestions as to who to use would be appreciated?)

In advance, many thanks,


Not sure if I love the shadow on her nose but I tried to tell a story with the photo so let me know what you guys think! :)

Introducing myself - sharing some works


I am new to this site and started with photography about 6 months ago. I had some technical background before and always liked photography, but had no actual shooting experience. I wanted to share some of my most recent works with you. All of these are shoot in my home studio (a small empty room in my apartment which happened to have...

Photography is my passion!

Photography is my passion, I have been shooting since the 70's. I like to take pictures that involves humans but anything goes :) always on the look out for a new challenge.
I am based in Norway.

Hello from a newbie.

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself. I've been shooting landscapes primarily over the past year and a half and recently decided to add headshots and portraits to my body of work. Really loving a lot of the work I've seen in this group so far, and looking forward to getting to know you all.

Here's an image...


Hello i am mostly a fashion photographer but in love with boudoir photography as well.
I have done many portraits in the past and here is one of them that i want to share it with you and i love you will all like it.I want also your comments suggestions and all....

How do you work with Headshot Clients who don’t have a natural smile?

I finished this set of head shots and the entire shoot the client kept telling me that she does not like having her photos taking and doesn’t smile well. And through all of my coaching or attempt at it. All of the shots seem either too forced or on the other end almost stoic. What are techniques that have worked or i can add to aliviate clients...

Starting wtith headshots

Hi, my Name is Philipp I'm a student in digital journalism in Cologne (GER).
Last year I upgraded my old camera to a Pentax K1 and for now I'm taking my first steps in headshot-photography.

This 2 Images are made between a shooting for an website relaunch at our university.

An amateure Headshot

Honestly this is the first time i took some real headshots after practicing one time only. This one is my friend and my first client along with my others friends who asked me to capture their committee profile photo. Here is my most favourite photo along our sessions. Yes, im amateure, but ive been inspired by Peter Hurley and Dylan Patricks as...

Introducing myself

Hi all- I've been shooting headshots for over a year now, inspired greatly by Dylan Patrick and Peter Hurley's tutorials here at F-stoppers- here are some sample shots from my portfolio

Real Estate Agent Headshot

Quick headshot session with a fellow real estate buddy of mine. Didn't want the regular cookie cutter shot this time so we switched it up. Used Canon 6D & 135mm F2 ISO 100 off camera flash Flashpoint xplor600 48" fotodiox octabox camera right.

living room portraiture

traveled to a model friends house and shot some UV shots in her living room (hence the paint) , then grabbed an elasticated sheet and wrapped her in it. i quite liked the contrast in colours compared to the white sheet.

CC ?

High key high contrast lighting setup

Hello there,

I'm looking for some advice on how to achieve high contrast high key head and 3/4 body shots (see attached images from recent Saint Laurent ad campaign).

I'm a graphic designer with 12 years experience by trade but have been doing semi-pro exterior / local area shoots for the past few years. So whilst I'm well versed...