Stone Statue Makeup & Photography!

Stone Statue Makeup & Photography! Canon Eos R, 85mm F/1.2, F/11, 1/160s, iso 100, One Light Setup + Silver...

Studio Portrait!

Canon Eos R, 85mm F/1.2, F/10, 1/160s, iso 100, 3 Lights setup, 1 Beauty Dish with Grid on top, 1 Light with stripbox...

Shooting In Natural Light

The attached photo was shot using natural light just before sunset. Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions to...
Last: January 10, 2018

My client just got a commercial gig with his new headshot!

This client (an old friend) just scored a nice commercial gig in New Orleans next week. No coincidence it came soon...
Last: October 29, 2019

Headshot event

This is a small sample of headshots from a recent career fair I did. I shot 167 people in 4 hours so in most cases only...
Last: October 29, 2019

Quick Headshots For 2 Friends

I don't really want to specialize in headshots but I would love to develop a strong base so that they can be something...
Last: October 29, 2019


More my photos you can see here: - My Instagram: - My Facebook: https://www...
Last: October 27, 2019

Halloween themed shoot - Thoughts?

So I teamed up with a local MUA and an aspiring model to shoot a halloweenish/mexican styled shoot.

Looking for Critiques

First time posting here, but don't hold back I am looking to improve in every way, and hearing the bad is part of...
Last: October 20, 2019

How much is too much?... or knowing when to stop

We all do it...take a portrait and work on it, trying to achieve some degree of perfection. But how much is our...
Last: October 19, 2019

strong picture of a strong child

I do not normally take portrait photos and its not my best field, but this picture is really touching to me. It's taken...


Headshot with mask. Do you like use then?
Last: October 15, 2019

Introduction post and a headshot

Hello everyone, I'm David Allen Smith and currently located in North Carolina. I've spent the last 12 years in the...
Last: October 14, 2019

My first headshot ever. Please let me know your thoughts.

This is my first headshot I've ever done so I had no reference if this is a good one or a bad one. I have no experience...
Last: October 14, 2019

Lucía - Headshot

Young model Lucía, from Uruguay. Background added in post. Hope you enjoy it, and comments are welcome.
Last: October 13, 2019

Practicing Lighting

Hi guys, I am new to the group and this whole headshot photography thing, i was practicing with some lighting and...
Last: October 11, 2019

My first headshots! I need your feedback.

This was a business headshot. it was a 2 lighting setup with a reflector. I have done many beauty photography before,...
Last: October 5, 2019

Violin fairytale

I wasn't planning of taking a dedicated headshot during a senior/matric photoshoot. This is a cropped version that I...
Last: October 4, 2019