My first attempt of headshot. Please provide CC.

Hi, I am Jimil Patel from Chattanooga, TN. I am trying to get into headshot photography and this is my first attempt. I...
Last: June 6, 2015

I'm New!

My name is Timmy Marsee, and I'm from Kentucky. I've been doing wedding and portrait photography since 2006, after I...
Last: June 2, 2015

Some headshots for CC

Hey guys! New to this group. I've got a few headshots I'd appreciate some CC for:
Last: May 27, 2015

The Princess

I captured this picture in one wedding ceremony and i just loved it. The cuteness and innocence on her face give this...

New to the Group

Hey there. Bruce in Vancouver. any comments on my headshot work would be greatly appreciated. cheers
Last: May 25, 2015

Hi my name is....

Hi there fstoppers, My name is Fletch and I have been playing around with photography for a bit as a hobbyist but i am...
Last: May 25, 2015

Would love some CC

My name is Nechama, Just joined this group. I am looking for some constructive critique to better my headshots... If...
Last: May 25, 2015

Silvia CC

From a shoot, natural difused light with a reflector
Last: May 25, 2015


A local, non-profit opera company asked me to do headshots of their board members for their new website. I had some...
Last: May 25, 2015


Hallo! My name is Johann, I just joined to this group and I am looking for some constructive critique to better my...
Last: May 24, 2015

New headshot for an accountant

mix of natural light on subject, and strobe for the background.
Last: May 24, 2015

Would love some CC on these headshots :)

Would love some CC on these headshots. Is the DoF a bit too narrow, should the light be a bit more harsh, is the colors...
Last: May 10, 2015

New to the group. Looking for feedback.

Just getting into OFC and creative lighting techniques. Looking for feedback as I move forward with more lighting. I...


i took this picture with a self made softbox and it gave me a good result what do you think guys

Recent work and question

Hello everyone, I've been working on headshots part-time for a couple of years now and have even had a few repeat...
Last: April 22, 2015

Ideas on maintaining consistent images

I work for a large company and often I need to take on location head shots in different locations that are all going to...
Last: April 20, 2015

Neke - Okinawa

Hello all, Tim McBroome from northern California, currently working in Okinawa. I recently had a chance to do a quick...
Last: April 18, 2015


Hey everyone, I'm István from Romania, in this Year I start to make headsot...and I love it very much :)
Last: April 17, 2015

Headshot Customer Service

Hey all, I have a few questions for you guys related to headshot customer service. When you do head shots, how many...
Last: April 14, 2015

Corporate headshot

From a corporate headshot of a business man in the finance area. 1 key, fill from the side wall and a standard lit...