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Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome to the Group!

Introduce yourself! Give us your story, share some work, and lets get this ball rolling!

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Dragos Serban's picture

Hello everyone, good to be among the first members of the group ;)

Dylan Patrick's picture

yes! Dragos! looking forward to this group...I think it's going to be a good one!

Dragos Serban's picture

Kinda cool to be here, to be honest I like it better than the groups on FB.

Dylan Patrick's picture

yeah I'm liking the layout and format they did

Todd Davis's picture

Name is Todd Davis and I am an amateur photographer from Bakersfield California.....

Used to be a police officer but was injured on duty a few years back and am retired now. So I picked up a camera last year and love it and want to start a career shooting a camera this time around.

Look forward to learning everything I can from everyone on here and having my shots torn apart so I can learn all I can :)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Todd you forgot to mention you've been killing it right out of the gate man. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Todd Davis's picture

appreciate that Dylan, thanks

Austin Burke's picture

Hey everyone.

I'm a 21 year old cinematographer and photographer who has just been trying to find his niche area in the field. Recently did my first headshot session and can see myself doing more in the future.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Austin!! killer shot man...loving the cinematic feel...:) great expression for this dude too

Mario Burgos's picture

Hi Everybody!
I'm Mario Burgos, I live in MonterĂ­a, Colombia (South America)
I'm a 39 and I've been a pro for 6 years.

Looking forward to this group, I hope It'll be amazing :-)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Mario! Looking forward to having you! An amazing group is what I'm after!

Kevin Unger's picture

Hi there! I'm Kevin! I'm a 19 year old photographer out of the Niagara Region in Canada. Here's a photo from a shoot I had yesterday.

Great to meet everyone here!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome! Cute shot man! I like the complimenting colors!

Kevin Unger's picture

Thanks so much man! I also tried to give a few other looks too. This is another one of my favourites. What do you think?

Dylan Patrick's picture

Cool expression! I think had her mouth been closed it would have taken it up a notch but I like the feel, the character feels very sci-fi cool stuff!

Kevin Unger's picture

Awesome. Thanks so much man!

Grant Eldridge's picture

Hey everyone. I'm from from Newcastle, Australia (1.5 hrs north of Sydney). I am a full time sales person in mining industry and have been enjoying photography for the past 4 years and made a decision to actively build a photography business before the end of last year. This year I been working on studio portraiture and TFP inspiration shoots, to help grow my experience, skills & confidence. Dylan, I love the cinematic look you've created and look forward to some personal growth from this group.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome to the group Grant!! Thank you for the kind words, I'm looking forward to some great personal growth as well. Great smile from this guy too!

Jeku Arce's picture


I'm a headshot photographer in Homburg, DE that primarily shoots for business/corporate, medical, entertainment, and matchmaking services.

Lately I've been adding a roll of medium format film at the end of my sessions for fun. I'm currently using a Fujifilm GL690 and a New Mamiya 6. Remember in a session you need to make sure you get photos that YOU want.

My portfolio is here: http://jekuarce.com

Dylan Patrick's picture

Awesome to have you Jeku! Some awesome work you have and I'm looking forward to some film shots!

Jovani McCleary's picture

HEY! My name is Jovani and I am a headshot photographer in Brooklyn, NY specializing in Actors! Excited for this group :-) Thanks for setting this up, Dylan. Here is a shot of mine.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Brooklyn! I love Brooklyn ;-) welcome to the group Jovani! Killer shot you got here man. Dig her connection, nice lighting, and love the tones in the complementing colors!

Antonio Carrasco's picture

This is a great headshot!! Love the skin tone and light!

Brandon Ashley's picture

Greetings from Las Vegas, NV - Brandon Ashley here and I am happy to say hello. Big fan of Dylan's work and love his instructional work as well. I have been a designer for about 20 years but just getting my sea legs in photography. Here is a snap I took recently for the foremost Tina Turner drag impersonator Larry Edwards". Proud to say it caught the attention of Tina's family and was highly praised. What a great feeling!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Great to have you Brandon!

Brandon Ashley's picture

Thanks Dylan!

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Awesome, looking forward to follow everybodies work! :) Here's a picture of Camilla. Haven't completely found myself in photography yet, but it's for sure it has something to do with people (for the most part). Here's a cinematic inspired headshot of Camilla :)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Mads! Good to have you! Great moment you captured here!

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Thanks alot Dylan! :)

Morayo Sayles's picture

Hi Everyone, I'm Morayo and I'm really excited to be a part of this group!

Dylan Patrick's picture

Excited to have you Morayo!

Korey Kord's picture

Thanks for the invite to this group.
I'm a photographer based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana
I shoot everything but weddings. Here is my share to the group.

Bruce Edwards's picture

great shot Korey.

Eddie Merino's picture

Great shot!

Joe Rodriguez's picture

Nice work, Kory! I'm from Defiance, Ohio.

Chris Adval's picture

Hey peeps in the group! I'm a northeastern PA photographer that specializes in headshots and among other things. I haven't gotten a chance to play with cinematic feel headshots yet but I plan onto when the weather is more inviting lol, to master the technique. But here's a few of my favorite headshots I've done this past year.

Website: http://chrisadvalproductions.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/chrisadval
Facebook: http://facebook.com/chrisadval
500px: http://500px.com/chrisadval2

Dylan Patrick's picture

you have some good work Chris! Great to have you here!

Mark Smith's picture

Looking forward to learning and improving.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Good to have you here Mark!

Sally Stone's picture

Love the warmth of this...and she is so cute!!

George Todoroff's picture

Everyone, I'm Georgi and photography is more like a hobby for me. Started shooting in clubs several years back I decided to go with the portrait photography now and I am really enjoying it. Decided to take photos of some of the people I know from the clubs in Sofia, Bulgaria using only available street light. It's called NOCTURNAL. Here is the latest shot

Arnab Ghosal's picture

Love this shot

George Todoroff's picture

Thank you! :)

Jack Kocan's picture

Omg I love that one!
Any more details what did you use?

George Todoroff's picture

Thank you, Jack! :) A street shot with available light only :) These headshots are all shot on the streets when it gets dark outside :) The light is coming from a billboard on the sidwalk. The billboard is lit with luminescent bulbs from the inside. The lens is Nikkor 85mm 1.4 D

Jack Kocan's picture

Wow! I was really sure that you used softbox on left side! I need to buy 85mm 1.4 :))

George Todoroff's picture

It looks like it when you see the catch-light, doesn't it? :)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Hey George! Great to have you! Killer shot here too by the way, great expression and composition!

George Todoroff's picture

Thanks a lot, Dylan! :)

Joseph Fadde's picture

Great shot... nicely done...

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