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Welcome to the Group!

Introduce yourself! Give us your story, share some work, and lets get this ball rolling!

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Sally Stone's picture

This is so beautiful.

barbarosaltindish's picture

I love this cinema look of 85 mm. wide open.

Arnab Ghosal's picture

Hi everyone,

I am an accountant by day but have been hit by the photography bug. I have recently just finished a 100 strangers project which are predominantly headshots although they have a slightly different agenda to your usual headshots. You can see the results of the project here:

100 strangers album on facebook:


website: www.arnabkghosal.com

One of my favourites from the set is this one:

Dylan Patrick's picture

Great to have you Arnab! Great shot here too, great complimenting colors, expression, and I dig the centered composition for this one!

Ryan Smith's picture

Hey everyone. My name is Ryan and I'm from Georgia. I work in PR and I do mostly corporate head shots. I've learned a lot over the last year or so but I still have a long way to go.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Ryan!

Frerk Hopf's picture

Hi all. My name is Frerk and I am german born and now living in NYC - Long Island City. Looking forward to follow every bodies work and to share experience.

Arnab Ghosal's picture

I love this shot although I would say this is more of a portrait rather than a headshot

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Frerk! Love this shot too, as Arnab said it's not really a headshot, but I love the cinematic Film Noir feel :)

Jack Kocan's picture

Hello all headshooters
I'm Jack and I shoot headshots in Glasgow, Scotland!
Feel happy to join you all.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Jack! I've been dying to come visit your country I hear the scotch is delicious and I'm a big fan of the peet :)

Jack Kocan's picture

Dylan feel welcome to visit me/us anytime! ;) I'm big fun of good scotch malt whisky so we can make some whisky version of Patrick Hall 'The Stun Gun Photo Shoot ' in my studio that I'm opening on middle of May lol :))

Cheryl Pierce's picture

Hello all! I'm an amateur photographer from Sparks, NV. I started experimenting with headshots this year and am always open to helpful critique. I started out practicing on my extremely patient husband and then on a co-workers daughter, who needed a headshot for a dance audition. Here's the one she chose.

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Cheryl! Glad to hear you started an adventure into headshots! I'm looking forward to seeing your work!. You are off to a solid start, try coaching them to tilt their neck in the opposite direction, this will help straighten out the neck and give a more flattering and confident posture!

Regan Shorter's picture

Hi guys,

I'm a student about to graduate from school in Oklahoma City, and my university was actually what got me into photographing professionally and headshots. My school is composed primarily of performers; actors, dancers, musical theatre kids, singers, etc. I took my first photography class my senior year of high school and then just fiddled around here and there afterwards, mostly just using my camera to take photos for my fashion blog. The summer before my sophomore year of college, my best friend encouraged me to try my hand at head shots and the rest is history! Now I spend most of my weekends taking photos for all the talented performers at my school. :)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Regan! Some really great work here! Great smiles and expressions! Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing more!


Hi every one Im new in photography , i like headshots please let me know your opinion, thanks in advance.

Mads Peter Iversen's picture

With my EF85mm f/1.8 @ f/2.2. Cinematic headshot of Joakim. I like to crop to the 16-9-format and add a little noise to give it even more cinematic feeling :) Shoot-through-umbrella at camera left and a kicker to the right. Some CC would be nice :)

Brad Delaney's picture

Hey Guys, I'm Brad from The Headshot Guys in Queensland Australia. I shoot mainly corporate Headshots & Wave Art !

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Brad! Killer shot man, great expression!

Charlie Magrin's picture

Hi everybody! I am Charles, a french wedding photographer. I started to take headshots of friends after viewing the amazing tutorial by Dylan Patrick. the second time i tried it, i was with a couple and the girl naturally jumped on her boyfriend's shoulders, i told them to hold, and i framed this shot that i like. i asked them to look at me so their eyes would be in focus (f3.2) and asked Lucas to slightly turn his body to add some dynamic to the image. In post I turned the right side of the background to blue to accentuate the female/male duality and to recall the colours of their eyes (blue for him, brown for her). i would appreciate some constructive critics about it! thanks! :)

Dylan Patrick's picture

Welcome Charlie! Killer shot here man! Love the contrasting colors, great lighting and great expressions!

Charlie Magrin's picture

Thanks a lot Dylan! i would have never shot that one without your amazing course!

Malena Vasquez's picture


Charlie Magrin's picture

Thanks a lot Malena!

Mohamed Essam's picture

I'm Mohamed Essam, Amateur Photographer, I'm trying to enhance my portrait capabilities, Attached one of my latest portraits, If you have time please check my portfolio

Mohamed Essam's picture

Some Headshots, I hope these consider as headshot this time :)

Andre DeCordova's picture

Hello Everyone, I'm Andre, a Jamaican Photographer/Cinematographer, 23 Excited to join one of my first groups on here.

jermy dedal's picture

hi everyone im jermy from cardiff U.K. ..and this is my first head shot, his name is many

Meng Keat Tan's picture

My name is Meng Keat! Very noob in headshot photography and trying to learn more. I mostly shoot landscape and nitescape. Portraits and headshot are something new. Hope to learn from you guys!!


matt munsell's picture

Hi All,,new here,,, Just starting out again.. Us Navy train photographer about 25 years ago and now. coming back as a second career. will post some shots as soon as I can figure out how to! lol.

Anonymous's picture

Howdy, hope to get some tips and experience on this group

Anonymous's picture

I am trying to post a photo here. Not showing up, can you help Dylan? Ken

Anonymous's picture

I hope this show up
Shot this in her "wet"basement from a flood....2 kids upstairs crying....caught this "attitude" look

Bryan Jabs's picture

Hi All, My Name is Bryan Jabs, I'm a soon to be retired firefighter from Seattle Washington who has rediscovered my passion for photography and hope to continue learning and growing in the business... I look forward to being a part of this group..

Omar Ramos's picture

Omar Ramos out of Dallas Texas, Pro Shooter specializing in commercial headshots.

George Aleksandrakis's picture

hello everyone! nice to be here !!!this is one of my latest attempts !

Donald Chalfy's picture

Hello all,
Received my college degrees in photography in May of this year and working towards building my own business in headshot and portrait photography as a second career field. I am a member of the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew, one of the most amazing communities to learn his style of headshot photography. In my former careers, I was a professional musician for 30 year performing music on the tuba orchestrally and electric bass for other forms of music. Within my 30 year music career, I spent 12 years as a United States Marine.

I am looking forward to being a part of this fantastic community and will be posting images for critiques soon.

Gonçalo Fabião's picture

Hi, I'm a photographer from Portugal searching to learn for new points of view and technics.

Adam Hills's picture

Hello everyone! Adam full time Headshot Photographer in London Here... just spent all day shooting 48 kids... was knackering! but some great face... glad to have found this group!

Andrei Morosan's picture

Hi there, guys! :) I`m a young photographer from Cluj - Napoca, Romania. I`m new here and I really like this community. It is a pleasure to meet new people, to comunnicate with other photographers.

Eddie Merino's picture

Hey Dylan! Thanks for giving us a platform to let us showcase our work. I did this one for a dancer that was visiting for Japan. I have a few of her in dancing poses but I figured to get some headshots before I ended the shoot. What do you think?

Marc Parroquin's picture

Hey guys! First post and any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

Malena Vasquez's picture

Hi everyone! my name is Malena and I just joined fstoppers community. It's amazing all I've been learning from this website and I'm happy to have the opportunity to share my work and get wise advice from you. About me I can say that, since film times, whenever I've held a camera that could zoom I always had found myself zooming into faces without noticing it. So, I guess I'm a natural head shooter, if there is such a thing :) I'm also a Peter Hurley's work fan and this is my recent first attempt of a headshot Peter's style.

Timothy Smith's picture

Hello Everyone!
My name is Timothy Smith and I am local Chicago Photographer who loves taking landscapes and portraits.

Timothy Salaz's picture

Hello , i am a full time photographer/dancer , i worked on cruise ships as a dancer for 4 years on and off i met my wife who is also a dancer, i did a few tv shows as a dancer like americas got talent and ellen, made a lot of dance connections and purchased a t2i to film blogs and dance videos and had no clue how to use the dam thing, learned basic fundamentals of exposure, but really took on to photography when i saw guys like david hobby zack arias doing 1 light setups and producing these amazing images, so i purchased there lessons and never looked back, now i focus on a lot of dancers promo material doing videos and photos , as well as a lot of live events where i currently live (las vegas) the last year has been a crazy learning experience as it was my first year doing more photography then anything else . i just recently started getting into photoshop from guys like phlearn and i found f stoppers on youtube from a video of them teaching some engagement sessions i really enjoyed the info, and it was right up my ally since i primarily shoot OFC , i really enjoy the new cinematic head shot style but i learned my basics from Peter Hurly. hopefully i get to meet some of you guys this year maybe at CES or something, hope all is well with you . heres a few photos of my work

Peter Lübben's picture

Hey everyone! Name is Peter, just joined this group and look forward to giving and receiving feedback :)

And I wanna say thanks to Mr. Dylan Patrick for getting me started shooting this style (awesome and inspirational tutorial!)

KJER Mariano's picture

hey wassup guys
The Name is KJER Mariano
good to be a part of the group.

Jeffrey Miller's picture

Hi Everyone, Retired after a long, successful career in Hollywood behind the camera in the film and television industries, I'm applying my knowledge and experience to become a portrait and headshot photographer in the Los Angeles area. Realizing that this is a saturated market, as a retiree, I'm content to establish a part time business. A few gigs each week would be perfect for me. I'm happy to be a member of this group.

Vlada Cvetković's picture

Hey everyone,
I'm Vlada Cvetkovic from Belgrade- Serbia

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