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Welcome to the Group!

Introduce yourself! Give us your story, share some work, and lets get this ball rolling!

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Laith Stevens's picture

Hey Guys, my name is Laith Stevens I am a former Army EOD Technician with 16 years experience, have been out of Army for some 14 years now traveling the globe with my family clearing land mines and unexploded bombs from previous war zones. So that is my background. I have recently fallen in love with photography and want to learn, and improve my skills so please any feed back is welcome. ...Cheers


Roslee Karim's picture

hi dylan patrick..hi everyone..i`m photographer from north borneo, malaysia. I love portrait photography..i'm new in headshot photography..i love dylan patrick cinematic headshot and give me a lot of inpiration..

the photo below is my second attemp in doing headshot using Nikon D700 & 80-200mm f2.8 & 2 SB900

Comments & Critics are welcome and much appreciated..tq all

GP Ganesan's picture

Nice shot with a lovely Bokeh!! well done Pak Roslee

Deleted Account's picture

hey hey hey Dylan amazing stuff. I'm a 16 year old photographer. What would you say is the one key to the cinematic headshot ?

Ajay Mann's picture

Hello everyone, I am a computer science post grad student, picked up the camera few months back and I wish to be a professional photographer. I just joined fstoppers and looking forward to learn new things.
This image is from my very first attempts on shooting Headshots, will be trying cinematic look soon.

Vaughn Williams's picture

New to fstoppers. Love the variety of photographic styles. Vaughn from Regina Canada

Vaughn Williams's picture

Please be frank. trying to get better Just joined Fstoppers a few days ago and like the honesty of what I have read.

Arun Hegden's picture

Hi everyone,

Arun Hegden from India, Aerospace engineer by profession, part time photographer and cinematographer.
I shoot weddings, people, travel and landscapes. Look forward to learn and grow.
My recent shot.


Revecka Natalia's picture

Hey everyone! I am a fashion photographer based out of LA. I have a studio in Downtown. It is nice to reach out to all my fellow photo geeks! Just started getting into Headshot photography this year as part of our studio services. Here are some recent shots. I have been looking at the Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM lens but was wondering if any of you headshot pros knew of another lens that was as good but with better AF. Thanks!

Martin Letellier's picture

Hi Everyone,
I'm Martin, french entrepreneur. I'm working currently on Evlaa (www.evlaa.com) to save time during the photos selections workflow with the clients.
Evlaa is a Lightroom plugin that simplifies a lot this workflow.
Some of you would probably love this product as well.
I would love to have your feedbacks and learn from you and your workflow to improve it.

I'm looking forward talking with you guys and see how we could improve our workflow all together.
All the best

Alexander Fields's picture

Hello everyone! My name is Alexander. I've been doing photography for ten years now three of which as a professional.

William Griffiths's picture

Hi my name is William from Uk. Looking to alaways improve my photography .

Joseph Fadde's picture

Joie Fadde, an amateur photographer from Rockaway Beach, NY. I have had a lifelong love of photography and have done a little bit of everything from Landscapes to Youth Sports. I have recently begun to get into shooting headshots and portraits, using family members and models. I am always looking to learn and look forward to getting feedback on my photos...

Nicolas Ramos's picture

Gracias, por su bienvenida. Me gustan la fotografía de personas, interesante analizar su personalidad y sus expresiones y poder a través de la fotografía captar y trasmitir estas.

fari farag's picture

Hi Photographers, hi Friends, i am Fari from Switzerland, looking forward to improving my skills listening to your comments, nice to be here.

Deleted Account's picture

Hey everybody! Late joiner, but I'm happy to be here. Looking forward to learning what I can from you guys!

Ruggero Pilla's picture

what's up, everybody? I'm new here on fstoppers, this is the first group I've joined cause most of the pictures I shoot are very close up portraits. My post production choice changes according to subjects and mood, going from simple, natural renditions to the most artificial effects on the faces that call for something weird or dreamy. I'll soon share something while looking for some inspiration in your shots!

Have a nice day, guys! :D

Mikhail Anderson's picture

Hello everyone, I'm a noob here just wanting to interact with like mineded folks to explore and learn new things in this vast photography world.

Craig Roberts's picture

Hey gang! New to the group, from the Metro Detroit area. Bitten by the headshot bug. Here's one of Carmen...

Joe Rodriguez's picture

Hi, I'm Joe, a hobby photographer with a passion for portraiture and a new found interest in headshots.

Milind Dudwadkar's picture


I am a software engineer by profession but serious hobbyist in photography.
This is my first attempt to headshot photography. My dad played a model in this shot!! :)

Your suggestions are welcome!!

- Milind Dudwadkar

Pedro Oliveira's picture

I'm still trying to figure out what's better Canon or Nikon, even though I never even held the latter. I keep asking people which lenses they use to take such good pictures, and because nobody ever answered me, I bought the first ones I found. They have a funny red circle around them, which is kinda useless looks cool, though...oh btw, I have this magic box that pops some light outta it, I still don't know jack about it, but they say it helps you to take profotos... which I don't, by any mean. Nevertheless, I just became obsessed with lighting shaping and think I found my crowd.
I'm based in Portland-OR/OC- California btw.

Nevermind my manners. I'm just so proud of seeing so many talented people around!

Damian Piórko's picture

Damian from Poland. Live in Wrocław City. Took up photography 3 years ago. Still pasionate with it. Main goal is a cinematic look and specific color grading.

Vladimir Cassel's picture

Love this shot, Damian! I'll be following your work for sure :)

Vladimir Cassel's picture

Hi! This is my first post on Fstoppers. I'm a Los Angeles based headshot photographer. Loving the work I see on here and I'm looking forward to being inspired.

David Apeji's picture

Hello Everyone, I am a headshot photographer based in Phoenix, AZ and a big fan of Dylan Patrick's cinematic style of headshot photography.

Scott Clark's picture

Hey everyone, Im Scott a photogrpaher from Australia. Love to chat to fellow photomakers.

Michael Kubeisy's picture

Hi everyone, Mike Kubeisy here. New to this group. Really enjoy the Cinematic Look. I've always said "Light the set then light the talent" looking forward to some engaging discussions.

Al Sali's picture

Hello ladies and gents, Al from Melbourne Australia, I've got a portrait studio doing Headshot, Beauty, Fashion and Glamour.

Mark Lilley's picture

Hi everyone. I've been enjoying photography for years now. I work in the IT industry but I've decided that now is time to start building a portfolio. Like most people I've photographed family mostly. Here are two photos of my daughter and niece. I'm looking forward to being part of the group and continuing on my journey of improvement.

Julie Foehrenbach's picture

Greetings all! I have been photographing everything BUT people for last ten years and I really want to change all that.

Neilson Reeves's picture

Hello everyone. My names is Colin Boulter from Manchester (England) a photographer and lover of portraits and human face. Nice to meet you guys.

Geoffrey Donne's picture

Greetings All! I'm a headshot pro in Los Angeles, former DP, stage actor, director, bringing all that to serve the needs of actors and those needing to convey story as a core of their professional images. This is my passion and my path. Welcome to see more at http://geoffreydonnephotography.com/

Jeffrey Maningo's picture

Hi. Jeff here. I got started with photography in Dec last year and my first photoshoot with a co-worker was a disaster and I hated portraiture. But now I love it. I'm from Cebu City, Philippines and here are some of my shots:

Sally Stone's picture

Hi - I got into photography to take portraits of my family. Now I have found that I also love "Playing" with the shots I take and changing them into what I feel is an art form. I know there are "purists" out there who won't agree but I am having so much fun. I will share a couple that I "played" with. Glad to be part of the group.

Sally Stone's picture

I have one more to share (actually I have hundreds but won't bore you). This is my granddaughter.

Sidar Sahin's picture

Hello Everyone, I am Sidar from London and I am excited to join my first groups at FS. I am passionated about design in general and photography. On a daily basis I work as a digital designer where I create 360 experiences. I am looking forward to learn more and more about photography!

Jeff Goe's picture

Hi headshot enthusiast, thought id share one of my shots, i'm a professional headshot photographer from St. Petersburg FL. www.jeffgoe.com

Waldir Dos Santos's picture

Hi, my name's Waldir, i'm a Cape-verdean photographer based in São Paulo, Brasil.

John Cumber's picture

Hi all ,I am an amateur photographer from Hertfordshire, England. I haven't really done much in the way of portraits and headshots and would like to change that. Really looking forward to this group and hope to learn a lot.

Jeremy Plaisance's picture

Hi folks! Some lovely work here. Looking forward to learning from you all :)

Damian Matyja's picture

Hello everyone! I am just a beginner but hey, everybody was at some point:) Great to be here. It is the photo from my second photoshoot ever. I just had to show models eyes in the central composition

Anonymous's picture

Hi i m Ferenc Boloni press photographer from some years specialized on low lights conditions high ISO and shutter speed moment photography ...i create one group with ISO-mania named settings in my photography there are some photos and a weak explain about ...good luck :)

Mik Pol's picture

Hi I am Mik , Dutch , Photographer. I do a lot of abstract and autonomous Photo work . But i like the portrait side of things aswell
Here you can find some work and if you check my profile there are some fb insta lala links :)
New to this kind of introducing, so here goes

Mik Photography
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Retoucher

Slept through his childhood into maturity to hit snooze at middle-age but overslept, thinking at 80, fuck! what a lucid dream I had..

Rani George's picture

Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be part of this group.I am Rani George, a photographer from Mumbai. I do like to experiment with my lenses for headshots. Here is one with my 16 -35mm.

GP Ganesan's picture

Hello everyone, I am Ganesan and am a photographer from Jakarta. I am a member of Nikon team Jakarta.

Professionally, I am a Petroleum Geologist. Since my profession allows me to travel a lot, so will share some nice photographs from my travel. On weekends and holidays I focus on fashion photography. Sharing one from my last weeks photoshoot.

would love to have your critical comments on my photographs. This will help me improve & share better shots with you all. Looking forward to this amazing group.

Panagiotis Lymperopoulos's picture

Hello everyone from Athens - Greece....
I am a Canon 6d trustful user and i love fashion, portraits and swimsuit photography as well.I will be posting some works soon for you too see....Glad to be here....

Igor Fotso's picture

Hello Guys, my name's Igor and I just joined the fstoppers community. So this is my first post on a group.

Then, I started photography 4 years ago with some long periods of inactivity. Here I come back to photography with a Canon EOS 1300D (Rebel T6).
I'm interested about portraits, landscape, architecture, buidlings photograhy.

So, happy to be here ;-)

Bernd Stoeckl's picture

I am a seasoned amateur photographer from Germany, working in US since about 25 years regularly.
I am doing it for fun not for living - fortunately.

My aim is to picture life, love and beauty at its best.

My specialities are nature, landscape and lately boudoir and portraits, the last two sujets I started about two years ago.

I find people photography the most demanding one, and this is why I enjoy it most.

Best regards Bernd
My website: http://best-photography.de
[and that are the initials of my name not trying to boast]

500px account: https://500px.com/bernd22


I'm Joseph Erwin Q. Diaz, a creative photographer based in Cebu City, Philippines. Who like experimenting everything on what in mind, explore new thing, travel a lot if there is a budget. I'm friendly and easily approachable. Still learning in my field that I love.

this is my shot at the recent festival in my place.

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