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Austin Burke
Daytona Beach, FL
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Photographer, Videographer
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Aerial Demo Reel

Hey I'm Austin and I am terrible with words! Hence Why I'd rather take photos than write a bio. I'm a 20 year old Photographer and filmmaker living in Daytona Beach. Wait you are in Florida too? Then lets meet up and shoot some something!

Currently trying to find my niche and been working with Architecture/interior design/hospitality & Commercial Photography. Also getting into Aerial and Underwater photographery soon hopefully!

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Hi Austin. I wanted to thank you for the feedback on my Whiterock Pier image. I appreciate it a lot. Take care.

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Welcome aboard

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Thank you. glad I found this through 'PictureCorrect'

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I am a 61 y/o photographer who is also trying to find my niche; love doing landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, nature, have tried a few weddings and a baby, some models, architecture and events. Like them all but not sure where I would like to settle. Thinking about Real Estate photography.