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Track and Field Hurdles

When I saw this photo on the camera's LCD screen I was so excited. I knew it was the best I was going to get all day. It's one of those photos where I felt like I was only going to ruin it in postproduction — but hopefully I didn't?

Personally I love the lighting, which was a huge system more appropriate for lighting cars in studio....

Highway Sunset

One of the few days this winter, when the sky cleared a little to let some of the sun rays peak through the clouds. As I was driving around Wroclaw I found that little bridge with dramatic view of the sky with car light trails leading right to it. Pure awesomeness! :)

Implied Sunset

I shot this a couple days ago at Haystack Rock in Oregon. Dealing with the incoming tide to give me some line streaks was an interesting challenge. With that being said, I love the look of this image and the almost flaring on the left hand side. My question is that since it's obviously a sunset and it being implied, would I have been better off...

Tre Cime

I spent Thanksgiving solo in Italy so I headed up to Tre Cime and did an 18 hour day at this iconic location. I started the hike at 3am so I could shoot a starscape and stayed through until I could shoot another one. I'm having a very hard time picking a favorite since I had such awesome weather to work with. My travel computer is not the...