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Usually I have the exact storyline for my photos. With this one I had so much stories in my head, I couldn't compress it in two or three words.

I would love to hear what do you guys see in this photo?

Shot w/
Canon 5D4
Sigma 50mm. ART 1.4
Godox AD600 with beauty dish
Godox AD360 as a fill with 135cm octavos...

Trying new processing techniques on this shot of the Mint Hut

Splitboard toured up to the Mint Hut in Alaska. We were supposed to complete the Bomber Traverse, but weather and a few other factors shut us down. This is a couple image pano and the processing I've been trying out basically involves using a black and white version of the photo as a luminosity mask in photoshop to help give the photo a bit...

Thoughts on'Pointed fingers'

This is an image I captured from the top flight of a car park. I had visited earlier but the sun was in the wrong position. This time I got lucky with the sun streaming through an alleyway/gate with ornate top.
As an FYI - the mural depicts the history of Vermont, with senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders featured.

What are...