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Ice Cave - Blown out

I found a very cool ice cave in BC a couple days ago. I'm snaking my way up to Alaska for the summer and can never resist a glacier. I spent a couple hours exploring in the cave and came away with a few decent snaps. I've been playing around with blowing out the entrances to the caves since it's more realistic to the way it looks in the dark....

Speaker Product Photography

Some recent work I did for touring sound company Clair Global. They wanted me to match a previous product shoot I did for them, but this time with new product. This particular setup really tested me and maxed out my gear! 4 light setup, lots of grids, feathering, and burning used. Also lots of creative "low level light stands" improvised using...

Model: Yoël Janssen

Model: Yoël Janssen
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/2000
Aperture: F / 1.8
Iso: 320
Camera: Canon 5DmkII
Lens: 85mm

Location: Strijp-S Eindhoven.

With this picture I have left the model on a metal staircase, on the outside of a building. Because she is sitting...

College Football in Greater New York

As a student at NY, New York was foremost known for his excellent attendance. It was the first round of the playoffs senior year at Vian that would be the pinnacle achievement of Melvin’s life. Down 35-0 late in the fourth quarter with the ball on the opponent’s twenty-one yard line, Melvin would come into the game at wide-receiver.


MSO McLaren 570S session

A selection of images from my recent session with a MSO McLaren 570S. For the first 3 images, the entire scene was lit using an Impact Litetrek 4.0 strobe with the reflector to create the shadows and light the foreground and background. The car itself was lit with the same strobe, bare bulb to create harsh contrast and bring out the metal flake...

Feedback on drone landscape photo

Hi everyone,

I have joined this group in the hope of improving my composition and editing of photos taken with my DJI Mavic unless there's a better group here for that kind of critique.

This photo was taken at golden/blue hour the other night of a popular rock-climbing mountain in Australia called Mt Arapiles. I left the long...

Some photos.

so long time when taken photos and again asome fb delete photos even blur nipple. not get this anymore. why women brast and nipple is most offul thing on world. :)
but hope they can stay here. rest photos here.. hope someone like.

Building a Long Exposure City Composite

Hey folks! As long as I've been into photography I've loved finding ways to use my camera that capture things we just don't see the same way with the naked eye. This is especially true with long exposures that capture much more light into a frame than what we may ordinarily see.

I built this panorama at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando...