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Frozen waterfall

Last year I had a month experience in Canada, and stayed a week in Banff. Spotted this small frozen waterfall at Johnston's canyon. Never thought I would be able to see something like this before (I'm a tropical guy from Brazil).

Any thoughts?

And yes, I know it might be something usual for some of you guys, but it's still very...

Dawn in Brisbane's East

For this shot, I was running to get down to the end of the jetty (from my previous spot on the beach) but realised I had left it too late and just wasn't going to make it before the sun peaked above the clouds. So I stopped here and quickly set up for this composition instead.

At this stage, I'm relatively happy with the shot but wanted...

Help me improve!

I’m totally new and just got a camera for Christmas. I took this landscape and am decently happy with it, but it’s definitely not amazing work. I posted it on Instagram, but wouldn’t hang it on my wall. Just looking for some imput as to how I can do better next time, or maybe even crop or edit this to make it pop. Thx!

Junkie chasing light

Figured I'd start getting involved and stop being a lurker. This image was taken during a backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada. Early morning light, hot coffee, and that alpine start. Travel to me...long sufferfest of intentional grueling days and hours and miles with the hope of either capturing an incredible view, or making an...


Such a treat to have Teta and Lex in the studio for this Sunday afternoon session. To shoot these individuals who have amazing bodies and chemistry it was a no-brainer to use my default single strobe set up. The AD600 pro was positioned above and centre on a stand with boom arm so every nook and cranny was exaggerated with defined shadow. I...

A very happy accident

Set up my composition with no idea of where Polaris was and went to sleep. Was very lucky with how this worked out and that there were no planes throughout this 2.5 hr exposure. The foreground is a bit noisy because it was lit only by starlight. This is in capitol reef.