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Look for image critique and thoughts on sharpness

Many of the photos I see on this site are indeed spectacular. A primary trait I've noticed is sharpness, ultra-sharpness. After all, everyone loves a super sharp photo, right? I've been messing around with an old Nikon 35mm f/1.4 AIS lens known for being soft when used wide open. Here is a recent example. I kind of like how it turned out, but...

My first long exposure waterfall

This was my first long exposure waterfall with a telephoto zoom lens I wanted to try to make it bigger than what it appeared because it was just a little trickle coming down the side of some rocks at the wildlife refuge in Lawton Oklahoma. The first 2 on top are the originals and then the bottom 2 are what I did playing around with the lightn...

Rainbow over Coastal NZ - Reprocessed after Fstoppers CTC Feedback

I shot this a few months back. This was a pretty special shot for me, it really affirmed my belief in the value of returning to a location multiple times and knowing it inside out.
This is a stretch of coastline at the Southern end of Wellington, NZ. I’ve been to this area maybe 50+ times in the last three years. I know the tides and how...

Tattoo artist at work - Yaiza Rubio

Tattoo Artist Yaiza Rubio at the The International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2018.

I took this photograph while Yaiza was working, adding a tattoo for a customer. Although it was a crowed event, i managed to make some nice photographs of her at work.

The shots where made with a Sony A7 III and Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.8 with the...

Help me with this!

I really like this photo. it is one exposure, I like the foreground etc but in different contests it doesnt do well. When I show it to people in person they like it. I guess I just want to know why people don't really like it. I know there is some distortion in the corners but huh? Thoughts?

One last shot

After a 2 hour concept shoot with Thai model Miniam. She walked out of the dressing room to collect her shoes before getting dressed and heading home. I asked if I could get a shot of her with just the sheet she was covered in and with no make up on. This was the last shot of the day.