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Hi All

many greetings from NY. A pleasures to be here and see everyones photos. I look forward to being a part of this group. This is a shot I got in Sardegna Italy. A fisherman was walking out in the water and it looks like he is walking ON the water.

All the best

Introduce Yourself To The Group!

Welcome to the Official Fstoppers Fashion Photography group. Introduce yourself!

Let me get the ball rolling. My name is Peter House. I am a Toronto based commercial fashion photographer. I mostly work on the product and catalog side of things, but I also shoot a fair bit of editorial. I also run one of the more popular rental studios in...

Model: Lisa Rejen

Model: Lisa Rejen
Photographer: Bram van Dal

Camera settings:
Shutterspeed: 1/180
Aperture: F / 2.5
Iso: 100
Lens: 85mm

With this photo I left a studio lamp with an octabox and to the right of the model a reflector to soften the...

Critique the Community: Portraits

Submit Your Best Portrait for a Chance to Win One of Two Free Fstoppers Tutorials.

Fstoppers wants to thank all the participants of the latest Critique the Community. Everyone's participation with the new contest system was a huge success with 1,152 submissions and over 38,000 votes. Here are the results.

First, congratulations to our two winners of the...

This contest has ended. Results Posted.

Another watch

Hi, Brian Rodgers Jr. inspired me to take another picture of my watch. I recently bought a new strap for this watch which is not too scratchy yet, so i took it at a sandblasted aluminium blade and try to light it in a way that the strap and the watch shows nice gradients. Comments are appreciated.


Lately I've been focussing on mental health issues in my conceptual work. It's a topic that feels ripe for inspiration, and recently a member of my family has been going through some incredibly rough times due to their mental illness. This image is an exploration of that sinking and drowning feeling that is associated with depression and...