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Amateur Macro with very basic "gear" Sony QX10

Hello everyone!
Well I'm not a photographer, obviously? , But I really enjoy this as a hobby, and trying to improve..
I love macro/super macro photography, and since I lack any kind of equipment for that, not even a large sensor or interchangeable lens camera! I've decided to try it with some DIY style, and here sharing some results...

Is the Fstoppers rating system hurting photographers?

I apologize for the spam, but I'm going to post this discussion in a couple of different groups, as there doesn't seem to be a group for discussing the site itself.

I ran into an interesting idea today that I hadn't heard discussed before. A little backstory:

I've posted quite a few of my personal images in my portfolio here on...

Why we need to pay fees for taking images on State Parks?

Hi friends, I'm trying to understand the logic behind the restrictions for filming and taking pictures (mostly commercialy) on state parks. Of course I understand all the restrictions that tend to prevent any damage or perturbation of the enviroment. We all want to preserve nature as it is, don't we? But why some places ask for a fee? As public...

Right or wrong?

Hello, I'm new here and now looking for feedback and suggestions for improvement.
I took this photo in the Swiss Alps and am not unhappy with it, but often I'm unsure if it is too dark after all. On the other hand, I like the contrast very much and I find the special atmosphere interesting. I am looking forward to your comments :)


Feedback on 10 Months in Landscape Photography

10 months ago I picked up my first camera, a sony a7ii. Coupled with my first lens, a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, I began shooting anything and everything. Since last November I have taken several photographic trips (living like a hobo out of the back of my car) and have produced some images I am very proud of. These are a few of my most recent images...

Dunluce Castle - luminosity masking

This is my first attempt at blending two exposures using luminosity masks (Lumenzia v7). Steep learning curve for, but fairly happy with the result. Constructive comments and suggestions welcome. My one worry is the foreground is too dark, but its a fine line getting it to work with the sky...

This was also my first go of using the...

Long Exposure at Lake Chelan

I was able to head out to Lake Chelan up in the northern part of Washington to spend a day. I took two different shots. One at sunrise and one during sunset. Both were taken at the same area to see how much of a difference there would be between the two times. This is the result. Also any feedback is welcome!