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Gravity assisted MTB

I was shooting three days in July 2018 event called Sappee Bike Fest. Here are some photos of downhill, chainless and enduro races.

Fast paced outdoors sports are my favorite thing to shoot and these definetely qualify in to that category.

I do often go for tight shots but I try to remember to take some wider shots as well even...

Double Dandy

A pair of Dandelions I photographed a while back. They were growing behind a massive fallen tree, the trunk made for an easy neutral background. Their stems were seemingly lit from within from the diffused sunlight barely peeking through the partly cloudy sky. Nikon d7200 f/16 1/60 ISO400

Product Review: ShutterFly

Minding my own business, I get an email form shutterfly informing me that I've won a free 8x8 photobook. All that's needed is 20 of my photos and pay the shipping cost.At the time I wasn't feeling inspired to use there service and had actually deleted the email. But it was still in my trash.

A few days later, I reopen that email and...

New and learning! Rocket Bunny 86

Hey guys! I am Nathaniel, a 19 year old based in Colorado springs. I just started doing some photography on my own car as a starting point to learn the settings and techniques used in shoots and in post. I could really use some constructive criticism on my photos because i want to eventually become a professional (for personal use). Thank you...

Dancing in the Rain

This is one of my favourites. The heavens opened up for around 10 minutes capturing pedestrians by surprise. As everyone ran for cover, this girl was enjoying the moment. Cafe patrons looked on amused and a bystander sheltered for cover in a doorway. I think all the elements in this scene tell an interesting story. Taken in Melbourne’s Laneways...

"The Lonely Teddy Bear Bookend"

On any given sunny day, a beam of light would enter our otherwise darkened basement. I thought to myself one day I'm going to use these elements in a photograph. At or about 12:30 pm est that beam of light was making it's way into our basement, Purely on a whim, I grabbed my 30 year old teddy bear bookend and placed it near the beam of light....

Opinion on Crops


I rarely shoot images of people, but had an opportunity last weekend to shoot some shots of my buddy, Will, while we snowshoed in Colorado. I took a shot of him that I really like and would appreciate your feedback. I'm torn if I should crop the image or leave it as is.

Please let me know what you think.


Presenting 'Snow Pines'

A bit of departure from my normal work. This is an image I took a while back and love the strong bold blacks set against the canvas of fresh snow.

As the community is diverse I'd be interested to hear what others think (all comments whether good or bad accepted as gifts), especially what you may like or hate in the image.

For all/...