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Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture

Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture is a sculpture located in University of Dhaka campus of Bangladesh. It was...

Hatir jheel,Dhaka

I tried my best to shoot such kind of night photography.please give me more advice to take batter photos in future...

Actor Mel Green shot in Los Angeles, CA.

This is an image from right before the quarantine. I've been sitting on it for a while, wanting to learn some new...

Teenage Duckling

So at my local pond I shot this duckling. It is still a quite young one, maybe around 1,5 Months old at most. I really...
Last: May 27, 2020

Natalia. Summer 2019

Canon 70D Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM All natural light

1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SE & 1946 Morgan F-Super Three Wheeler

A view Car Fine Art shots using the FDL technique. These are multiple exposure shots. What do you think?
Last: May 27, 2020

Having a Whale of a time in Maui 2020!

Humpback whales are amazing! I took my family to Maui this past February and booked a 3 hour whale watching tour on a...
Last: May 27, 2020

Recent B/W Shots

A selection of shots made over the last 3 months...
Last: May 27, 2020

Old and new

I recently bought an adaptor to allow me to use my old OM series nifty fifty. Rather naively I thought I might get some...
Last: May 27, 2020

A Selection of Work

From standard headshots to dramatic portraits, I love shooting the human face!

Photos under Quarantine

Some studio shots of my partner Sophie, shot while under lockdown.

Recent Portraits in Rural Ohio

Shot with my partner while driving aimlessly around Ohio.

Portraits under Quarantine

While on lockdown, I asked my partner Sophie to sit for a series of portraits using props and DIY costuming.

"Epiphany" fun edit portrait

Capturing some accidental poses during a portrait shoot is okay. Sometimes I play around with them to practice...


Lake Nakuru national park in Kenya is located at the Rift valley
Last: May 27, 2020

Black River in Upstate NY

I haven't been doing landscape photography for long. Could you all tell me what you think of these photos? Thanks!

Cool off...

I’m loving product photography and can see myself getting into this more. Water was the obvious choice for this shot,...
Last: May 27, 2020

Oil Abstracts

Okay, this is my last one today. I was experimenting with water, oil, and food coloring. I got these photos, and I have...
Last: May 27, 2020


Fine Art Photographia FUJIFILM GFX 50S ISO 50 63 mm Color grading made by Marina Ulanova
Last: May 27, 2020