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Great Sand Dunes National Park is about a 4 hour drive from where I live, and I've been going there for a few years. It's one of my favorite places to shoot.

On this most recent trip, I wanted to experiment with more "gentle" images. Most of my previous dune images have been quite contrasty and full of detail; I want to move towards more...

Marshall's Beach at Sunset

On this evening I was out practicing my seascapes and my ability to run from large waves. There would be a few minutes of small waves followed by three to five large waves that would send me running back up onto the rocks to avoid having my camera swapped.

I had my tripod set up low and wide and would jam into the sand has the water...

A 5 mins corporate portraiture

Time is often not a luxury when working with corporate clients.
An impromptu environmental corporate portrait using a single light source in 5 mins.

Corporate Portraits Portfolio:

Singapore's Esplanade

Taken in Singapore from the open roof top of the Esplanade - Theaters on the bay.
The spiky "durian-like" rooftop structure is what makes this architecture so iconic locally.

Architecture portfolio:


Using human silhouette to form negative spaces around the main subject to create focus and emphasis. Hope it has worked.

Event Photography Portfolio:


A Jury of My Peers

So, this is the first online community I have ever decided to join. The work amongst many of the photographers here speaks for itself. The caliber of photographers here inspired me enough to step outside of my comfort zone and actively engage with the community.

My name is Ty Shaw and I have been pursuing photography for a little over a...

Presqu'ile Sunrise

Waiting for the sun to come up when the temperature is hovering around the -21 degree mark can be a little on the uncomfortable side, but when it looks like this, it's well worth it. This shot was taken at Presqu'ile Provincial Park in Brighton Ontario on a frigid morning. The only sound you could hear besides the birds was the ice cracking and...