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shades of the arctic

While the light wasn't very good that morning on the Lofoten islands, i took advantage and exercised my compositional skills. After finding some satisfying comps, the arctic also worked its magic and threw some color into the scene...Happy, happy, joy, joy :)

Blend of 2 exposures to preserve the details in the highlights.

Two Years Behind The Silt Fence

They are running a new and larger sewer line through the Tango about a hundred yards behind my house. They have fenced in a fifty-foot wide swath for about two miles from route 29 to Keyser-Miller Ford, effectively blocking me from most of the Tango including the Perkiomen Creek. Forty years ago I would have jumped over the fence, but not...


Here I try to take close up macro photos. Any comments are welcome. I need your advice guys. I'm not as pro but I try step by step. Thank you

She has her mothers struggles in her eyes,

This is my niece. Her mom is from South Sudan and she was shot as a young child and was left for dead after the shoot her and her mother. I know my niece is not yet 3 but a lot of pictures of her I have taken look like she knows here moms struggles even at 2.8 years old. She has truth in her eyes and I will never truly know why.

Lower Falls Rochester NY

The Genesee River flows northward through the heart of downtown Rochester NY and into Lake Ontario. This is the lower of 3 falls in the city. The middle is gone, it was dammed up for hydro power. The lower falls is striking for its juxtaposition with the falls and the power plant next to is.
Canon EOS 6d Canon 24mm f/2.8 set at f/8 13...

Advice on Upgrading Cameras

Hello everyone,

I've been shooting with a Nikon d3200 for about 4 years now and I'm thinking about upgrading my camera body. I do mostly landscape and nature photography. However I sometimes will do some events for friends. I would like a camera that is great in low light for milky way/star trails AND that is also good for shooting...

JDM or German Engineering?

I know the jdm community is very big and strong but hear me out on this, German cars are consistently better for performance and daily drive-ability but jdm cars tell more of a story and have more character. Thoughts?


Creative Portrait
Nikon D800
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Nikon SB910
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Reflector Lastolite 37" Silver