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Boudoir in White Lingerie

Selection from a Boudoir series featuring White Lingerie

Black and White Portrait with Gera

This is a selection from a series I photograph of model Gera for a Low Key and Black and White portrait.

walk in the park

I simply love everything ive created this year

The Attic

Paying homage to my last shoot with the a7rIV


In the municipality of Cartelle in Galicia (SP) there is an old abandoned mine. In this mine, there is a turquoise blue...

End of the year is near

Los Angeles on a quiet night after xmas and before new years.

Naming your photos

I would like to ask you what is the best way to name an image on your website or blog from a business SEO perspective.


It is difficult for me to capture the natural beauty of these succulent flowerettes, they have this ethereal appeal,...

Pinhole + Telephoto + Panorama

I decided to try something I have never seen before with pinhole photography. It doesn't mean it hasn't been tried...


It is difficult for me to capture the natural beauty of these succulent flowerettes, they have this ethereal appeal,...


Though the sea waves were quite rough, the Sun rose with a peaceful composure, which gave me a sense of serene happy...

Happy Holidays

I enjoyed and appreciated the great posts this past year, and all the fascinating interactions. This is my favorite...

Men’s Basketball Review

I’ve been taking sports photos for several years, but recently I’ve become more interested in not just quantity of...

Pinhole Panorama

Trying something different. Three shots. EOS R5 w/EF-RF adapter;11mm and 18mm extension tubes; and 0.255mm pinhole body...

Night Out

Is it me? I don't see any postings except those in answer to my own postings on any Fstoppers group I follow since...

Bull Wrestling

A bull wrestler at a local rodeo last summer attempts to flip his bull. I had the opportunity to take pictures at a new...

The Christmas Tree

I did not think much of this image when I first reviewed it, but I did a few minor edits and posted it anyway... For...

Stray Cat

While out on a "photo walk" today, I stumbled upon this stray cat. She (I think) was pretty skittish and wouldn't let...


This image is from a hiking trip my best friend and I took this summer. The raccoon kindly was near the trail and just...

Christmas ITR

I had looked at this Christmas decoration every day last week trying to figure out an interesting way to shoot it then...