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Instagram Pod for Landscape / Travel / Outdoor Focus (with a little bit of fresh content is fine)

Please let me know if you want to join instagram pod for better engagement on instagram. Instagram new algorithm is limiting the post reach to 10% of followers or sometime less in few cases. Idea for this pod is to boost up the engagement by linking with like minded photographers willing to like (and/or post a genuine comment) ....

Whatsapp Photography/photographer pod

What is Instagram pod?

Instagram Pod is a group of people dedicated to liking and commenting on each others’ photos, in hopes of creating engagement and ranking favorably within the algorithm. Pods are intended to help each other gain more visibility in the Instagram algorithm because if a recently posted photo is getting lots of...

Ice and fire

After a failed sunset due to a snow storm I returned in the morning in -5 degrees not prepared for the weather at all, the 25 minute walk up a narrow snowed path with icy rocks where I nearly slipped over the cliff face was well worth it to watch the sunrise and lift up this amazing structure

Looking for Critiques of my Photos of Prague

New Fstopper here, and I just got back from my first trip that I dedicated to photography and nothing else. I'd love some Fstopper feedback on some select images. The entire gallery I shot of Prague is here:

But here are what I think are the best shots from that gallery....

Starry night at Gaube lake

I’ll say it straight away : this shot was not planned at all.

During a trip in the Pyrénées (southwest France) my girlfriend and I decided to climb to the Lac de Gaube just before sunset. We didn’t know exactly what kind of view we would get at this lake. The ascension took us more time than expected and we arrive on location after...