Photoshoot with Emanne Beacha

I was asked to come down to the house of a young girl and take some portraits in her house. I didn't really know anything about America's Got Talent or Emanne Beacha and how amazingly talented she was. I looked her up on YouTube and was blown away.

We had a wonderful time. Her family invited me into the home and we made a quick studio...

Portrait at Magic Hour

I have been wanting to take pictures with this old car forever. The chance finally arose the other day. The sun was still a bit hot in the background, so a lot of these had burnt highlights in her hair. But a few came out and thanks to having a great model who was game to play around and try different things.

Studio Portrait with blue backlight

I wanted to see what boost my normal lighting would get if I just added a colored gel to my backlight. On the right is a ring light I made inside of a large umbrella closed off with a difuser. The blue gel gave me a bit of nice separation and allowed me to add a little bit of blue flare in post. A lot of the background is also added in...