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Usable lens

Hi fellow night crawlers

I am using Canon 5DM4 and the 16-35III on my northern light tours.
I am looking for usable lens that is faster 16mm or less.
I just tried out the Sigma 14mm Art lens and was disappointed because I want to be able to use f2 or f2.2 with same or better result than the 16-35 on f2,8
Is there any...

Yn24 Macro Flash

Here are a couple of shots taken with the 80D, EF-S 60mm and the cheap YN24-EX twin flash. I used to have the Canon twin flash but when it dies it was just too expensive to replace when the YN was 1/10th the price. So far it seems just as good.

As for the shots, these bees were taken at the same location a couple of weeks apart. They are...

No camera

how many of you keep your camera on you at all times you never want to miss that shot and you have it by your side every minute of the day driving out wherever you are so you can take that shot that you don't want to miss?
this is a cell phone shot with my really bad cell phone and I wish I had my camera.

Constructive Criticism

Hi all, I've submitted a couple images to recent Critique the Community posts, but this is my first foray into the discussion boards. I'd love to get some criticism on this portrtait of a Sadhu (Hindu holy man) taken in Nepal. I'm not generally a portrait photographer, and this is obviously not as refined as a studio shot, but I think (hope?)...

Low Tide in Torrent Bay

I did a hike in Abel Tasman, New Zealand recently. One of the campsites on my way was located in a beautiful bay. I woke up before sunrise and went to catch first rays of light. Unfortunately I forgot to grab zoom lens. Therefore I've done whatever I could with wide one.

I really like first photo. Which one is the best from the set?...

At the Edge

I am a new member and an aspiring photographer. In the spring of this year, I went on a camping trip that lasted 30 days, covered over 8,000 miles, visiting 12 National Parks. I made this image on the Washington coastline, at Olympic NP. I have been making photographic images for several years, but I still consider myself an enthusiast—when the...