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OPINION: How moody is TOO moody for weddings

I've noticed a ton of wedding photographers have a similar style (bright and blown out). I understand it's a standard because weddings are meant to be bright and happy. However, for some clients I feel capturing a specific mood to the couple's personality is an important aspect of being considered a professional.

This recent wedding I...

Critique appreciated

Hi everyone.

I'm a new member and this is my first post.

As an amateur I'd appreciate some constructive thoughts from people who aren't friends and family. Ha.

This shot was taken at Lake Windermere from a tour boat on a gloomy day so isn't the sharpest shot. If i'd have been shooting from a static position I'd possibly...

Into Darkness

So I was waiting for decent weather, week after week, yet all I got was overcast skies, no rain and bleak colors. No snow either, of course. Which, in all, doesn't exactly make for great landscape pictures. Oh and not to mention that the sun rises and sets while I'm still at work.

A colleague of mine, who used to be a professional...

To photograph a mockingbird

I like to open myself up to surprises when birding and the best surprise, most of the time, is when I'm walking back to my car or office after my lunch break. Perhaps its letting down your guard in anticipation of that next great capture. I'm not sure. This mockingbird was oblivious to my angst practically posing for me a few inches from my...

Fake profiles and bad reviews

Fake profiles and bad reviews

I have some strange fans. Their profile is without a picture without anything.
Within a short time I have 1 star ratings, no matter what I post. Also 1 star rating on pictures, which are awarded with several awards of various magazines, etc.
What do you do with such fake accounts?