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Local Sports Writer’s Headshots

This is my first headshot client. I would love any and all constructive criticism. Do you feel that these are quality images that he should be proud of using for his professional business? While photographing I told him to imagine that ESPN had asked to do a phone interview with him, to cover a local sports story that he had broken. I want...

Museum worker

I made this series photos in the natural history museums in the city Dnepr. I hope I could show the atmosphere:)
1st photo - only natural light from the window.
2nd photo - Video light in front of the model.
Filmed on Nikon D610 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8G

Iqaluit Northern Lights

The First image is the old Hudson Bay Whaling building the second is the old store, both in Apex just outside of Iqaluit Nunavut, which is on Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle. Not sure if Northern Lights fits in with the Long Exposure or Astrophotography but would love your feed back on these shots.

Both images shot at the same...

Swim Capped Beauty Portraits

Hey! New here and wanted to jump into the posts! Was inspired to use a swim cap on my model. Loved the shape/structure of her face and thought it was perfect for this concept. Makeup, Photography & Retouching by me

Lighting was 400w strobe at about 1/4 power with standard modifier @ 45 degree angle

Camera: Sony A7II

Amazon selling Z6/Z7 with FREE FTZ adapter

Amazon is offering the Nikon FTZ adapter for FREE for the Z 6 ( and Z 7 ( when buying with the camera itself... So in case you thought of going mirrorless but didn't want because of your existing lenses - it's an easier decision now.

Disclaimer - I don't work for Amazon... Just a Nikon user...

Giveaway challenge

I'm giving these three correctly exposed LE RAW files from Bled lake (of course in Jpeg format in full resolution) for everyone who accept the challenge and make your final photo (without ugly instant software HDR solutions) with basic blending this three exposures without clipping on white or black side, and normally post it here.
I hope...