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Newsie portrait series

I had been aching to do some studio work, though we used my kitchen, and my wife and I came up with the idea of a portrait series about a newsie. My son was perfect and so after some thrift store shopping, we set up and did the shoot. I used one Yongono speedlight and various colored gels. I really wanted to create a painterly feel with the...


This couple wanted to have an expression of their deep and intimate link. Even when they're happy with the result, I am not completely sure about if I went to deep on low key approach.

Open to your comments and recommendations.

Shadows and Curves

I shot this image as part of a spontaneous series while on vacation in Greece in August.

As it was a vacation I did not take my usual camera gear with me so this was shot using the pro mode on a samsung s9plus.

Near by.

Often landscape photographers go around the world to take picture exotic places. Often to take picture of scenery or places where hundreds and thousands of other peoples already have catched on their sensor or film. Why is that?
The americans goes to Europe, the chinese goes America, the europeans go to China and so on.
I do belive...

New to photography, feedback welcome.

Hi. New to picking the camera up and doing colour correction in lightroom. This was one of the first photo's I took and corrected. I like it and think it is pretty decent. Went for some striking highlights and then kept everything else with dark. I liked the idea of having the grey with the green as the only colour in there. As I said it's my...