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New here! Some pics for you all, and a little about me

Hi guys! I'm happy to join this site, and this group especially, because to me this style of photography is really exciting and fulfilling!

I've always liked cameras and snapping pics, but never did I think of it as something that I'd put any real effort into. Well, a couple months ago after being exhausted with the boring work that I do...

Moody Sunset Critique

Hello! I'm new to fstoppers and a new photographer. Hoping to get some feedback on what I could do differently for shooting and post processing. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but I'm sure there are many improvements that could be made. Thanks for any advice!

One Tree to rule them all

This is my post on an F-Stoppers group so appreciate any feedback.
Located on a dairy farm this small tree overlooks the glorious Glasshouse Mountains Of Australia.
It was planted by the the grandfather of the farms owner about 80 years ago and has become a tourist attraction. Entry to the property for weddings etc and photo shoots...

5d mk IV AEB and Auto Focus off on subsequent shots.

I shoot real estate use AEB for my HDR bracketed shots. I Auto Focus then switch the lens to Manual Focus, to avoid the camera refocusing between shoots. Shoot the brackets shots, then set the MF back to AF and set up the next shop. I've tried using the AF-ON ok for the first shot, but the subsequent shots the camera wants to refocus. Any work...