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High-end supplement to Instagram

If we assume that Instagram is used by photographers mostly because of its massive size, I would like to hear opinion what photo-network would be live and genuine photographers exhibition network that would be high-end counterpart.

For some time I thought it is 500px, and indeed there are lot of truly excellent stuff there. However, when...

Looking for a Helping Hand

Hi All,

I have been quiet lately because we had a crisis with our house. We'll be out of it for about 5 months while it is repaired. I don't want to abandon this group without a moderator but I need to focus on the rebuild (and work and life and...). You know how it is!!

I would love to have someone volunteer to become a second...

Looking for opinions

Hi guys, I'm an amateur and I usually shoot landscape and astrophotography so not an expert of portraits, that's why I want to know your opinion and critique on this portrait.
Thanks in advance


Here is my first Shibari shooting.
It has been incredible to see Miss Eris to do her magic and endure so much, for years I wanted to make a shoting like that but I imagine that the right time always comes when it has to arrive, there are many more photos from other sets of the session but I leave these for the moment.
I made the...

Nude in the Outback

Series from the upcoming book Nudes in the Outback, Volume I
Locations: Pinnacles at Cervantes, Sand Dunes at Cervantes, Forest of Margaret River, friend of the forest, Vineyards in Margaret River, Wheat Fields of Hyden, after 6 days of travel even the model gets a bit feral, a long road still to travel.
This was a shoot that took 1...

Artistic hotel nude

I shot this last year when I was back in Toronto visiting and had a great time shooting with this middle eastern model. It's one of the few photos that I processed in B&W and not just to make it more artistic but to help eliminate the distractions of colors in the photo.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this shot. After editing it and looking at it for a long amount of time it starts to look strange to me. Do you find the sky too cluttered and busy and the tree gets lost?


I've created this group with the hope of building a community of serious ICM landscape photographers who have a desire to learn and grow beyond just taking the occasional ICM photo to developing ICM as a primary focus, or as a regular aspect of their photographic repertoire.

Please share only your best ICM landscape/nature work here, as...

Evening Shade

"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself."
~ William Blake

An in-camera, abstract ICM (intentional camera...

Tips on shooting low light with F4-f5.6

did my first gig shoot, but found that my lens may need upgraded, currently using 55-250 f4 and 18-55 f4 with canon 200d, found a lot of under exposed shots and didn’t help that the lights at the gig very rarely went bright enough.