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Which one do you like more?

I do not usually photograph at this time of the day, but this time I had no choice, because the weather conditions and timing dictated how it will be.
I'm interested in your opinion which of these two photos at the same location, looks better or more interesting to you?
I'm somewhat confused about choosing, so that your help is...

A few of my composites, feedback welcome

Hi, these are a few composite images I’ve enjoyed making recently. All of them start out with a stock image and a Diecast scale model car, the ones I’ve used are relatively cheap 1/18 or 1/24 scale (£15-£50).
I blend a few images of the car, edit the background and try to get the two to fit together. These take a while to make but I’ve...

Sunrise Walks

My partner and I went away over the festive period to stay in a beautiful lodge just on the outskirts of Richmond, North Yorkshire. We witnessed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and this image of Keira, one of our German Shorthaired Pointers was captured minutes after sunrise one morning.

Absolutely love a sunrise, probably my...

Work in progress

So today I went to that same location again, but I ended up with a completely different composition.

This was a tricky one, though, because with the splashing water droplets kept landing on the polarizer all the time and I had to wipe them away constantly between shots. There's significant blur in various areas in the frames I shot, but...

Lightspeed in a Maserati

It is about time I shared something with the community, this image is from a recent client shoot with their Maserati Gran Tourismo Sport. I strapped my Tripod down in the backseat and used a remote trigger and a 2sec timer to take the shot. Once I was ready it was time to go and find some tunnels. This is in Brisbane Australia, so don't get...


Photography is one of the best ways to influence the thinking of a person. A well-captured photograph can quickly engage a person to think about it and imagine the scenario. Some pictures are so eye-catching that it makes an individual feel lost in the scene. As being a photographer sunset photography is one of the most beautiful forms of...