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The Running Man

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this group (and site) and have been enjoying all the awesome photos you folks post. I've been doing photography for a year now and I really enjoy it. I'm hoping to get some constructive criticism from fellow photographers. If you have a moment, please do leave a comment. I want to continue improving.


Portrait of a photographer

I wanted a full length photo of myself as a photographer. Always finding it difficult to take a picture of one self. Trying to get the position, angle expression etc. takes several tries.

Tried this using 3 speedlights, 2 on camera right and one on camera left. Background rendered dark by light fall off.

Shot using a 5D4 and 70-...

Running long

My Father-in-law and I took a trip to the Oregon Coast to go fishing early one winter's day.

As we drove to the harbor, we stopped off to go check the weather conditions from the lighthouse - I thought I best bring my camera JUST IN CASE there were some cool sea conditions and scenes from up high..

As we were walking, a runner...

The Priestess

CC appreciated

Toronto drag queen Mango Sassi recently got in front of my camera and we made some of my favourite images. Period. I adore photographing drag queens - the collaboration, freedom of creativity, and making images that most other photographers just don't have the access to make.

Shot on the Fuji XT-1 with the 56mm 1.2...

Let me know how I'm doing!

Hey fstoppers gang!

Name's Denzel. I've started messing around with photography for a little over a year now. It all started my Canon T6i, and then I eventually purchased my current D750. I do not do photography in a professional sense or for business, but my passion has grown bigger and bigger as time passed by, in which I may...

Acura NSX

This NSX is one of my favorite local vehicles to shoot. It is absolutely immaculate and the parts that are on it really complete the car. Im sure ill get in more sessions this summer with this thing! constructive critique welcome.

Rangefinder film cameras

Anybody here into non-Leica rangefinder film cameras? I adore rangefinders -- so smooth, quiet and classy. I have a Yashica J, a Yashica Minister 3, a Minolta AL and a Canonet 3GQL19, to name a few. The latter cost me $15 and is in fabulous cosmetic and mechanical condition. For the record -- I don't hate the Leica. I used a 3f and an M2R...


Dear Friends,

Last week, I started editing some pictures with my new HP 15.6" ZBook 15 G4 with dream color technology. I have been working on the RGB and sRGB color spaces. These are precalibrated options on my laptop. Well, when I apply a color adjustment on an area of my pictures, for example, say I add some yellow tint to a red dress...


A few months ago, I started photography and my goal was to begin a side hustle and make an extra money out of something I knew I would enjoy learning in the future. As I started visiting photography websites such as Fstoppers, I became enamored with the beautiful pictures that renowned photographers post on the internet. After contemplating...