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First Post in this Group (Venice, Italy)

Hey all! I am new to photography and was able to catch this photo from Venice, Italy. I stayed up pretty late here to get this place almost free of people to get this shot. One thing that bugs me is there is a boat that moved during this shot. I only had 3% battery left and no spares, so I had to go with what I got.

I used a Sony Alpha...

First post here

This picture is of my wife at the White Cliffs of Dover in the UK. I just started doing photography a few months ago and have some pretty cool shots. Nothing as good as you guys, but I am always looking for tips to get better. Thanks for having a look! Enjoy.

Test shooting questions - what can i shoot?

I've recently been accepted by a few agencies to performing test shoots with their new faces. I've never tested before and I'm new into the world of fashion photography.

Could some people give me some tips and tricks about test shoots? One of the major questions I have about test shooting is what can I and cannot shoot. What kind of...


Over the years I've never really thought about using my green screen as a background of that choosen colour (because its is green). But instead used it to change the colour to something else with the help of 'colour range' in Photoshop post production.

So I have challenged myself to using it more in order to get more value out of the...