Taking the Plunge

I'm about to start developing my own negatives and am picking up a scanner instead of shipping my film out to be developed. Any words of advice any of you would like to offer? Things to avoid? Anything I need to keep in mind? Going with Kodak D-76 for black and white and Unicolor C-41 for color. I mostly shoot Kodak Tri-X400 and Fuji 400 for...

First rolls of 35mm

After entering the film world late last year with a Rolleiflex, I just picked up my first 35mm camera, a Leica M2 that I found in near mint condition. First thing I discovered is just how much smaller 35mm is from medium format. I knew it was smaller of course, but damn Gina. This brings up my main question to those of you shooting the smaller...

In cassette monobath processing (no darkroom).

I took portraits using x-ray film (Agfa Scopix IC1B cineradiography 35mm) and developed it IN-THE-FILM-CASSETTE, no darkroom, in a homebrew monobath I made for the purpose. The film leader was taped to the outside of the cassette, and swizzled in the cassette with a pen for about 12 minutes. I then pulled out the negative and presto, these...

What's Your DREAM Film Camera for Every Format? (Don't miss this)

Okay, guys. I have a question for you (if you're smart, you already know what it is)...

Each of us has all sorts of ideas. But sometimes, it's just hard to do something because we get our minds set on something big that requires a bit more gear than we can handle. Other times, the creativity runs dry. But if you've ever been there, for...

Critique my film

I'm relatively new to film photography. When I was home I took some time with a FM2 that my mother gave me and walked around Washington, DC taking photos. I'm hoping to post some of my favorites and get some constructive criticism on my shots. Everything was shot on either ISO 200 or 400 Fujicolor film with a 28-70 f/4.

Mamiyaflex C2 Value?

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone knew the roundabout value of my Mamiyaflex C2 camera - picked it up over the summer but found myself wanting an SLR rather than TLR.

To Repair or Not to Repair

I came across a Nikon Fn with 50 mm lens for $2.50 at a garage sale. Mechanically, everything is working except the shutter sticks at slower speeds. I asked at the local repair shop for an estimate for basic CLA and it'll run about $150. The camera is quite beautiful and I adore fully mechanical film cameras. Is it worth the $150 for the repair...

Why shoot B&W film? No, seriously...

Disclosure: I'm totally new to shooting film. I just bought my first film camera 3 weeks ago (Rolleiflex 2.8), developed my first 5 rolls of film this week (trying different brands/speeds etc.), and scanned some into the computer with my new Epson v800 just last night. First off; loving the whole process and the Rollei. Even the painful lessons...

Black and White Infrared Photos

Just finished shooting a bunch of side by side slides of Kodak TXP 320 against Rollei 400 IR for a film review. Putting my results together for an upcoming article on Fstoppers, but wanted to poll the group:
What are your thoughts on IR film? Have you shot with it before?
Successes and failures? I know I titled this post "black and...

Medium Format Advice

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction. I am trying to find a medium format film camera that works for me but I don't have a lot of money to spend right now either. Are there any cameras you would recommend me checking out?

What Film Labs are you using to process?

I'm kind of excited as tomorrow i'll get back about 6 rolls from a place i've recently discovered called The Darkroom https://thedarkroom.com/

They are pretty fast and affordable but i'm not a huge fan of their website/account portal.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or recommendations for film labs to send your stuff off...

Guess the stock

I was actually pretty surprised when I got these scans back. See if you can guess the stock, the answer may surprise you.

Scanning techniques

While I still shoot digital, I love film and have been shooting it since before digital cameras were even a consideration. That said, until I recently bought an Epson V850, I have never had a scanner that was capable of professional quality scans, and if I wanted the images scanned professionally I was always forced to spend an arm and a leg on...

NYC based Filmmaker

Hey everyone my name is Munesh and I'm a independent filmmaker located in NYC, I hope to get the chance to work with most of you in the very near future :)

- Munesh

What's in your [film] bag?

What are y'all shooting with for your film work? 35mm, medium format, LF, Polaroids?

Bonus brownie points for including pictures.

I'm currently all 35mm on a Nikon F100. Cool thing about the F100 is that it shares all the Nikon glass I shelled out for on my digital kit plus it feels and works like a "normal" modern camera.

Have Film Will Shoot

Almost all trips are accompanied by my Nikon F5 and 50mm F/1.8 simply because I like spending my time focusing on the subjects while using an organic platform. No time spent zooming or glancing at the LCD screen, just pure interaction with my surroundings. This scene at the Museum of Modern Art in New York is no different. Shot with Ilford XP2...