First Concert Photos

Hi everyone, I'm a touring musician with a love for photography and recently bought some gear which I now take with me on tour so I've been practicing live music shots at festivals/shows I'm performing at. These were some of my very first shots taken from Alan Doyle and Human Kebab's performances at Rock 'N Rhum Festival in St. Pierre Et...

New Concert Photography App

I am currently developing an app that would make it easier for concert photographers to find work, get paid, and gain exposure. This community means a lot to me and I would love your feedback.

Please help me by agreeing to answer a short survey about how to make this app the perfect app for you all! Those that participate will receive...

Rock Fiddler

The guys on chose my Image to critique in this weeks episode of 'Critique the Community' segment.
Their consensus, 'not the worst photo'. Whoohoo.
All helpfull criticism is good.
at the 49:30 mark

This is Donald MacLennan playing with Ben Caplan at the East Coast...

Red Sun Rising - Rock on The Range 2018

Taken on a cheap LG smartphone from a backstage overlook. Management said it was the best photo ever taken of the band. Not saying I agree, but it was said hahaha. This was before I became super heavy interested in photography so I know it's got a lot of faults. Go easy on me lol.

Bath Salt Zombies at Pi, Ocala

During a 2016 BSZ performance at Pi on Broadway, a luna moth landed on the hat of one of the musicians ... and stayed there for the rest of the set. Crazy!

I don't think this group plays together anymore. They would paint their faces with invisible paint that would fluoresce in UV light and during portions of the songs, the lighting...

Doing the best I can with a crop sensor Rebel

Canon Rebel T3i
f 4.0
iso 3200
1/80 sec
I am on a tight budget, and only recently got the t3i for $250 on ebay. But it struggles in low light, which is just about every pic I take. I am wondering if I'd be better off with a used 5D classic, about $300 on ebay, or will that one still struggle with low light? I know I...

Face of an Angel

This photo was taken in my home town, near my home I was looking for birds, suddenly i show 4 years old child playing, and he want to play with me. He was looking through broken wall, that very moment I show him I feel that an Angel watching me, and immediately I took my Camera to capture the moment. It was really a beautiful moment I ever had...

What are you looking for when shooting artist?

First up: I love this group and all the input I get from you guys. But I also feel kinda bad for my own pictures because the stuff in here as awesome. But lets get to what I wanna ask you. I got three pictures of artist at the same festival and I saw them side by side and asked my self:
What are you guys looking for when shooting...