color photo or B/W?

Ccolor photo or B/W?
Both for me..but mostly I choose black and white photo [its closer to my heart], I think it shows more emotion,
what about you?

*litlbit more than year ago I started taking concerts photos. It is my passion and meditation. i like to feel the music and guess the next move of the light technicians .


New Camera and Highly Difficult Concert Shoot

Fujifilm X-T3 35mm f2.
Thanks to stage being close to ground level I managed to get these shots, a regular stage would make shooting with 35mm very bad idea. So far I am quite impressed with X-T3 and 35mm f2 version. Quite good iso performance considering its a crop camera. open air concert made it a nightmare to balance stage lights and...

Couple of in Gig Shots

Wanted to share a couple of shots that have stood out in 4 years of work, although i lost £10,000 worth of work after a harddrive failure, so having to build up a new portfolio

Recent Stuff

Just sharing, nothing more - Behemoth, Slipknot & KISS, picked up what I refer to as my Toyota Center Toy, a Sigma 150-600 Sport. But haven't had a chance to use it yet, it arrived a couple hours before the show (thanks B&H Sarcasm) but then we were bumped back up to the pit for KISS. Waiting to hear on 3 more shows starting Sunday, so...

Tips on shooting low light with F4-f5.6

did my first gig shoot, but found that my lens may need upgraded, currently using 55-250 f4 and 18-55 f4 with canon 200d, found a lot of under exposed shots and didn’t help that the lights at the gig very rarely went bright enough.

First Concert Photos

Hi everyone, I'm a touring musician with a love for photography and recently bought some gear which I now take with me on tour so I've been practicing live music shots at festivals/shows I'm performing at. These were some of my very first shots taken from Alan Doyle and Human Kebab's performances at Rock 'N Rhum Festival in St. Pierre Et...

What are you looking for when shooting artist?

First up: I love this group and all the input I get from you guys. But I also feel kinda bad for my own pictures because the stuff in here as awesome. But lets get to what I wanna ask you. I got three pictures of artist at the same festival and I saw them side by side and asked my self:
What are you guys looking for when shooting...

Red Sun Rising - Rock on The Range 2018

Taken on a cheap LG smartphone from a backstage overlook. Management said it was the best photo ever taken of the band. Not saying I agree, but it was said hahaha. This was before I became super heavy interested in photography so I know it's got a lot of faults. Go easy on me lol.

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos is a local music festival which takes place each year in South Tyrol - Italy. The entrance is free, and all the income of food and beverages is donated to two NGOs: Emergency and Los Quinchos. More info on

Emergency provides free, high-quality healthcare to victims of...