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Shot a small duet concert for an outdoor summer series and tried to leverage the late summer light for some decent...

Instagram Pod

I'm looking to start a small but active instagram pod for fellow concert photographers, who's interesred!? :)

Just starting out...

Just wanted to share with you some of my concert photos. I’m looking for a better indoor concert camera if anyone can...

New Concert Photography App

I am currently developing an app that would make it easier for concert photographers to find work, get paid, and gain...

Rock Fiddler

The guys on chose my Image to critique in this weeks episode of 'Critique the Community' segment. Their...

Within Temptation

Sharon den Adel // Within Temptation // Mystic Festival --- 26 VI 2019 @ Tauron Arena, Kraków © Marcin Świostek

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Our genre is up on Critique the Community, so let's get uploading!

Lukc combs from New York 2019

Beer never broke my heart #tour #2019 #ShootFromThePit #concertPhotography #Photography #Country #Music #beer

Calexico at Etown

From a taping of Etown, last year. Jacob Valenzuela, on the horn, and I believe, Joey Burns, in the background.

Doing the best I can with a crop sensor Rebel

Canon Rebel T3i f 4.0 iso 3200 1/80 sec I am on a tight budget, and only recently got the t3i for $250 on ebay. But it...

Face of an Angel

This photo was taken in my home town, near my home I was looking for birds, suddenly i show 4 years old child playing,...

Saturday Song

A shot of Tex taken at a small Saturday concert.

Mainstage at Sunday

This picture is just a shot of the Mainstage at a small Festival in Germany. Nothing to fancy, but I like the colors...

New to group, just saying hi

Hi. New to FS and first group I joined. I have been a musician (failed at it but love it) in Phx for a decade and now...

Can't Swim

I happened to get really lucky with this shot. The venue was extremely dark with little lighting. I happened to have my...


[CENTER]Ruben 1 [IMG] Mario [IMG]https://lh3...

Joakim Brodén // Sabaton

🎶 Joakim Brodén // Sabaton 📷 --- 22 I 2015 @ Hala Wisły,...

Beth Hart

Shot this photo in 2004, I think. Still love though it's slightly out of focus.

Phil from All That Remains

Took this over the fall in Hartford, CT of Phil from All That Remains while he was performing on stage with Five Finger...

Magic Touch promo

This is a project were i try to capture the moment when the musician touches the instrument to creat sound and music,...