Halloween sumibu party

Would love some feedback..! https://www.instagram.com/weathermaynphotos/

Concert Photography with a crop Sensor Body

Would like everyone's opinion on shooting concerts with a crop sensor body?

Latest shots from our 2nd annual "Farm Jam"

I use a Nikon 5100 with a kit lens not the greatest but its all I have!!!. Just wanted your opinion good or bad!!!!

color photo or B/W?

Ccolor photo or B/W? Both for me..but mostly I choose black and white photo [its closer to my heart], I think it shows...

New Camera and Highly Difficult Concert Shoot

Fujifilm X-T3 35mm f2. Thanks to stage being close to ground level I managed to get these shots, a regular stage would...

Shooting my friends at a concert

Last week I went to my friends concert, Bahia Sonica, here's some snaps, hope you like them.


Adam "Nergal" Darski // Behemoth --- 6 X 2019 @ Tauron Arena, Kraków © Marcin Świostek

First time shooting something like this

I was shooting a local event for the first time and I enjoyed every second of it.


A quick edit of yesterday's Adam "Nergal" Darski of Behemoth. --- 6 X 2019 @ Tauron Arena, Kraków © Marcin Świostek

Couple of in Gig Shots

Wanted to share a couple of shots that have stood out in 4 years of work, although i lost £10,000 worth of work after a...

Recent Stuff 2 Korn

Korn at the Woodlands Pavilion Houston

Recent Stuff

Just sharing, nothing more - Behemoth, Slipknot & KISS, picked up what I refer to as my Toyota Center Toy, a Sigma...

Tips on shooting low light with F4-f5.6

did my first gig shoot, but found that my lens may need upgraded, currently using 55-250 f4 and 18-55 f4 with canon...

First Concert Photos

Hi everyone, I'm a touring musician with a love for photography and recently bought some gear which I now take with me...

What are you looking for when shooting artist?

First up: I love this group and all the input I get from you guys. But I also feel kinda bad for my own pictures...

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday live at The Fillmore in Detroit

Red Sun Rising - Rock on The Range 2018

Taken on a cheap LG smartphone from a backstage overlook. Management said it was the best photo ever taken of the band...

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos

Music Aid for Emergency and Los Quinchos is a local music festival which takes place each year in South Tyrol - Italy...

Fist post in this group! Shooting Local indie rock act Beta Camp

So a question to get some discussion going... How important are natural or close to natural skin tones while editing...

A Few of Slightly Stoopid

A few shots of the reggae band "Slightly Stoopid" from Ocean Beach CA. Feel free to leave comments.