Adding color gradients...yes or no

This is my first attempt at trying color gradients and im wondering if they add a little something or are they a gaudy approach to editing. I'm sure with the right shot and for the right reason they could be applied to greatly increase the mood or feel of shot.
But does it work well with landscape photography?
The first is the...

new spot new challenges

here's a new spot from Wissahickon park that i stumbled upon the scene was mostly in shadow so i had to take 2 exposures and blend them at different stops then the result was too bright and i had to bring back the drama.
i did a directional temperature change warmed from top left to bottom right corner and cooled from bottom right to...

Mt Rowland

Just for interest, the ex-camera jpeg (so it's already slightly processed by Nikon) and the recently posted image. As people have pointed out, the light is a bit weak - in fact it barely looked like sunshine. The jpeg is pretty much how it appeared. I was curious to see what I could make of it. The mountain face really lacks warmth, appearing a...

Expose to the Right!

No, not a guide for exhibitionists!

For those wondering, here is an example of how "exposing to the right" (i.e. of the histogram) can give you plenty of leeway in post, and give a very different end result than what you see on the back of the camera, which can look flat and uninspiring.

Actually this image has plenty of leeway,...

You Make the 'After'

Here is a challenge for you: I would like to see this in black and white but when I convert it, it is completely monotone. Can it be a successful black and white? You tell me! I look forward to seeing edits and, ideally, instructions on how they were accomplished!

reflection on fall

I haven't posted for a while and thought it time I contributed to the group. This is an image designed to challenge the mind, of fall trees with colors pushed to enhance the abstract nature.

The capture is actually of the reflection of the trees in a foreground pond, with the image flipped 180 degrees to provide the challenge to the...

Waterfall at Daybreak

Here’s a shot I took last weekend while hiking a location Joe Cole told me about (thanks again Joe). Bottom is the RAW image (down sampled to post) before process. A couple of days ago I posted a partially done version to get some feedback to see what anyone had to say, and received some good useful constructive criticisms.

Thanks Chris...

Awaiting Life

With this photo I wanted to show the dramatic feeling one has when a baby comes into the world and to show the magical wonders of editing, by entering it into a contest for black and white documentary, so I had my camera set up and ready to shoot this photo. Ko

great hike rough shoot

not all that happy with the shot but i helped it out as much as i could...
5 shot pano with the 14mm and i missed focus and i underexposed like a dumbass
top is the shot out of camera (merged) bottom is the after

Monument to Abstract

I think many new photographers would like to try taking some abstracts but dont "see" them when shooting. Here is one of my more successful pair of abstracts and how they came about to promote some abstract shooting and (hopefully) posting in M,A&B. This is more a pre/post thought process than editing one.

Check out the series from...

My Moody Flowers "How To"

Hey - This is for David and a few others who have been asking about how these are made.

It is all about the thrill of the hunt - botany style. (I know - I'm a dork!)

I go in the morning/evening to get that great side light. Then I look for plants that are mostly in the shade accept for a flower in the sun. This sets up the...

By any other name.

So not much change, just some work on the crop, hue, sharpness and colors. Seems like everybody plants pink roses these days, but I tend to like red. Original image was also a little soft as I wanted/ needed the DOF, so shot it at F2 with a little exposure bias

Down the Road

We have had a lot of rain and storms lately here in the midwest, offering some spectacular clouds. I have only been seriously shooting landscapes for about 2 weeks so it has been a good 2 weeks to learn cloud processing.

Some Halloween fun

A few years ago, I was bored out of my mind and decided to play around with an old selfie and Pixelmator.

Below is the original and a heavily edited version with digital blood and eyes. I thought the blood—specifically, the specular highlights on the blood—came out pretty good.

RGB to Black & White Basics

Here for those unfamiliar with this is a basic demo of why DIY can give better results than letting your camera or software deliver B&W, if the latter is what you want.

Virtually all cameras with the exception of some Leicas have colour sensors which detect red, green and blue colours at every pixel. So if you switch your camera to...