Welcome to the Retouching group!

Hello and welcome to the Retouching group, please feel free to post your questions & retouching/post-production work. Please mention if you'd like feedback or help with anything specific when you post.

A little About Me :

I am a Professional Retoucher based in the United Kingdom.I was also born & raised in the United...

Red Cliffs

Landscapes are always a lot of fun, for me anyways. For this edit I worked mostly on colors, some highlight/shadows, removing that rope, and water color.

I had the hardest time working on the water color itself. The water was coming down pretty heavily, due to the rainstorm that was in progress when I took the shot, so there was a lot of...

Given to fly

Personal project that i've realized in collaboration with Andrea Fioravanti, great Maya artist. I've shot the young pilot in my studio, Andrea sculpted the car and then we combined photo and cgi testing some texturing and compositing tecnique. I love the feeling of a wild ride in the desert with a car, how could it be if the car could fly? Hope...

CC Please :)

Hey friends, I recently took this shot of a friend and when she posted it to her personal profile she got a response from someone that I'd like some help dissecting. The commenter stated that the individual's skin looked "over done & is less 'real' looking". I've been practicing the techniques for portrait retouching learned from the Dani...


md: Marta
ph,dress, mua: Kerry Moore
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Accept orders for photo shoots and retouching.
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This might be a stupid question but I have my first print publication coming out (I'm a fashion photographer). My monitor is calibrated and photos look amazing when I print them out on my canon professional printer, but, I don't know how the color will turn out in the magazine, because I don't have access to how or where they will print. Is...

How to find clients when starting out as a freelancer

Hey, everyone, my grammar might not be the best & this is my first post like this so be nice =) - Dylan

When you decide to pursue freelance work, you might not have a clue how to actually find clients. In the beginning, I didn't have a clue at all how to find any clients. But when I started researching and asking photographers what...


Hey Folks,

I am seriously struggling with such brown toning, for some reason I can't achieve such toning you can see on the examples below that will be applied to the whole picture. of course I tried the split toning in LR, gradient map, selective coloring... in PS but I can't get there.
Please if anyway has any tips of how to...

Photography reverse engineering

Hey Folks,

My question will seem stupid to many of you, but is there any way to "reverse engineer" a photo, I often come accross photos that I love and I would to replicate their effect and know how they were achieved (Curves, colors setting...).
From my understanding there is no way to do it, but you never know maybe there is a...

Visual aids that help me when I'm retouching

Just so you know the images will be at the bottom, make sure to look at them =).

The photo is from Stéfan Bourson: http://www.sbourson.com/
Please go and check out his website.

My Visual Aid Layers
Hi everyone, today I’m going to share my visual aid layers so people can see what I use to help me when I’m retouching....

my first ever beauty dish - test shot 1

Some of you may get a laugh from this, after all my critiques of late. This is an opportunistic shot of my daughter, Rebecca. Unusually, she was ready for an evening out, very early. It so happened it was the day I took delivery of my first ever beauty dish. In fact I got two, 44cm and 70cm. My new ELB HS lighting won't be here until tomorrow,...