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Welcome to the Retouching group!

Hello and welcome to the Retouching group, please feel free to post your questions & retouching/post-production work. Please mention if you'd like feedback or help with anything specific when you post.

A little About Me :

I am a Professional Retoucher based in the United Kingdom.I was also born & raised in the United Kingdom I studied IT,Photography and Graphic Design in College. Also have other 6 years of experience in Retouching, I started retouching when I was 14 yes 14. I became a Freelance Professional at the age of 16, I’ve worked with so many amazing people over the years and would like to meet more and network with other people from around the world.

I will try and visit the group ever couple of days, and leave my comments.


Even if you are just starting out or a veteran this group is about sharing what we have learned with others and also to gain something as well.

Share your website and social media links, this is a good place to network, share ideas, ask questions and just read what others say and ask about.

Want to become a moderator?
Send me a message.

I am looking for people who will be here most of the time also people that have some experience in Retouching/Post-Production would be great =)

Hope you enjoy the group have a good day!

For Private Enquiries my email is MrDylanHewitt@gmail.com

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