md: Marta ph,dress, mua: Kerry Moore In constant search of cooperation with the clothing catalogs, magazines, and...


This might be a stupid question but I have my first print publication coming out (I'm a fashion photographer). My...


How can i improve this image?

How to find clients when starting out as a freelancer

Hey, everyone, my grammar might not be the best & this is my first post like this so be nice =) - Dylan When you...


Hey Folks, I am seriously struggling with such brown toning, for some reason I can't achieve such toning you can see on...


I did this composition with 12 pictures.

Beauty Portrait

Model: Kat Rist MUA: Matt Goodlett Photog/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers

Photography reverse engineering

Hey Folks, My question will seem stupid to many of you, but is there any way to "reverse engineer" a photo, I often...

An old image with a new retouch

Ran across this image I shot back in 2010 and thought I would re-retouch it to what I know now versus what I did/didn't...

Yoga at the waterfall

One of the images from last weekends photoshoot and retouch project

Visual aids that help me when I'm retouching

Just so you know the images will be at the bottom, make sure to look at them =). The photo is from Stéfan Bourson: http...

my first ever beauty dish - test shot 1

Some of you may get a laugh from this, after all my critiques of late. This is an opportunistic shot of my daughter,...

Help with Editing Practices

Hello, I recently started a new practice when editing in Lightroom (which I havent determined is good or bad yet). When...

Can I have help Editing?

Alright, I really hoped that I would never get to this point. I am going to upload two RAW files and if you are...

I Need Help with certain color gradings

Hey folks, I'm a self-taught photographer and I've been struggling to achieve certain trendy effects and color grads...

HELP! I don't know what techniques to use to get certain styles

Just like the title says. I'm Clueless. Any advice or tutorials would help

Help with setting up your retouching rates

So for me setting rates was a difficult process, I didn't know what to charge the client, so, in the beginning, I just...

Lindsay Adler Retouch This is a retouch a did recently of one of Lindsay Adler's images (http://www...

Retouching/editing software for Celeron CPUs

I am looking for a editing software that will run on a Celeron CPU. Yes I know,you may ask 'A Celeron CPU? What year is...

Retouch TFP to your portfolio

I searching retoucher which one help me edit picture fashion and glamour. I do it session TFP and i would like show my...