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CC Please :)

Hey friends, I recently took this shot of a friend and when she posted it to her personal profile she got a response from someone that I'd like some help dissecting. The commenter stated that the individual's skin looked "over done & is less 'real' looking". I've been practicing the techniques for portrait retouching learned from the Dani Diamond tutorials and I have to say, I felt pretty good about this edit. Granted, the commenter on the social media post has no photography or retouching experience whatsoever, so I'm not inclined to pay attention to what they said. But as peers/fellow photographers I would appreciate it if you'd take a minute and give me your two cents, to let me know if you see anything that could use improvement.

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Nice lighting and color

The eyes are sharpened a little too much. There could be a little more dodging and burning around the collarbone area. I will also use liquify to slim the shoulder and the arm.