Pillar to pose - a natural light portrait

This shot was taken during a rainstorm in the middle of the day. The overcast and rainy weather gave me some really nice, soft light. I had the model walk slowly down the middle of the pillars towards me, while I walked backwards. I shot this at f1.4 while moving, so it took me a whole lot of tries to nail focus.
Nikon D750 & Sigma...

A flower + portrait pic on a rainy day

We where supposed to take a long walk in the woods nearby our house but we didn't get far. It started raining so we ran under some trees to take cover, I tought the light was real nice there so we ended up with this portrait. I like how it turned out, but maybe I've toned it to much for a natural light portrait? Does the dark forest in the...


The model wanted to try something new with this shot. She wanted to try a blend of a casual setup with just a hint of boudoir. I think I may have discovered a style that is just too much fun! Oh, and I instantly became a fan of working with big sets of stairs, we had a lot of fun making the most of this location.

Trail - Medium Format Portrait

Shot a roll of Fujicolor Pro 160NS in early november 2016 in pretty low light conditions. Shot with Mamiya RZ67 Pro medium format film camera with Mamiya Sekor 110mm F2.8 at F2.8. SS 1/30s. Lab/Scan: Kuvapaijula Oy, Turku, Finland.

Critique and comments are welcome!

Afro Chìc

A model that I came across on Instagram agreed to work with me. So we we planned and planned and came up with the results you see here. The clear sunny day proved to be magical almost in this photo. The beam of sunlight hit my subject graciously. (No flash was used in the making of this photo)