Plastic on Wacom Grip Pen Became Sticky and Gunked Up

I have no idea how this happened, but seemingly overnight the rear half of my Wacom grip pen got super sticky. It felt like the same kind of residue left behind when you unsuccessfully peel a sticker off something. I did not spill anything on it or use it with dirty hands. It was (and I guess still is) so puzzling to me. First thought was to...

Categorising theatre photography?


I need to put a question out there about what to categorise theatre photography as? It's not technically 'concert' or 'event'. It could sometimes be classed as portrait, but that would be for individual images as opposed to an entire shoot of a play.

It's one of those annoying questions for me that only comes up when I do...

Trying to find my voice in photography.

As someone who is relatively new to photography it goes without saying that I like to shoot quite a bunch of different things.

Any tips on deciding what to focus on? Pun intended.

Any stories on how you decided or fell into your primary subject matter?

Thank you

Idea for photo ratings!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, this is to ask you all to please go rate and comment on the images on my portfolio, since a lot if images are rated either higher or lower than I would expect compared to my others, so I would like to get more votes on them.

Secondly, I have a suggestion to the staff. There should be some...

Voting on New Images

Hi everyone,
I don't know whether everybody else has any doubts about this but how does one get the community to view your images . I've tried posting in the various groups but there is hardly any response. I don't think I'm a terrible photographer as I regularly get good votes. But ,hardly any eyeballs. Its quite disheartening.


Scanning 35 mm film

I'm just begining to do my first scannings with 35 mm film. I'm using an Epson V200 (old model) but I do appreciate your recommendations with the best values to start with, to scan them.
I have seen that I can control several items in the scanner, but still have many doubts.

This is just one example of what I got with my first film...

In need of some critique

Hello everybody. I have just started taking photos as a way to wash my brain and get out of the office, since i spend there around 13 hours a day. I'm starting to like it a lot but I don't know exactly with what kind of photography I would like more to continue with.So I would really appreciate it if you would have a look at some of my photos...

Mixing B1's and Einsteins...

Does anyone have experience mixing Profoto B1's with Einsteins to do high speed sync?

I've got 2 B1's, but want to throw an Einstein in the mix on a HSS shot? I wondering if the Einsteins will do HSS as a slave of the B1's.

Need input please.

Just need some feedback to anyone who does night time or full spectrum photography. I just need some help, am I heading towards the right direction? I used a Sigma Sd14 with no hot mirror and auto balance b/g, ISO 50 and variable F stops and time dealy 5 seconds to 20 seconds. The only photo editing is with Sigma Photo Pro 6, adjust saturation...