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Identity Crisis

I was editing my website tonight and had a sudden realisation that I don't know what I really do? This is obviously terrible for business planning/marketing. I have never gone through this before. I don't know if I am a portrait or headshot photographer. I need some opinions and would very much appreciate any advice.

You can see my work at www.michaelquelch.com

If you could just state whether I am a portrait or headshot photographer and if you have time go into detail.

I understand I sound like a mad man.

Thanks so much for any comments in advance.


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The shots on your site look like they are portraying something about the subjects but you do seem to go for the head shot most of the time. From a marketing perspective, it really depends on what you want to sell yourself as - I would have thought there is a bigger market for portraiture and that is a key word that prospective customers will search and look for.

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Thanks Mike. Great input! Appreciate it!