The First Date.

Norman Rockwell inspired session. Maddie and Conner were photographed in a 1930 Ford Model A Truck in Southeast Texas...

The Feast

I came up with the concept of doing a viking feast image with my husband Bob. We designed the set, costume and makeup...

Oh brother

This, is my little brother who has autism. He is my little model. XD

Basics Of Abstract Photography

Abstract photography and abstract art are very famous as it involves a trade of billions of dollars over a century. Any...


photo of a air bubble right after a raindrop fell in a puddle.

Four Faces

You Can See Four Faces On This Abstract Photography

Candid Carter

Let me know what you think, love that CC. Thanks guys.

CC and feedback on some photos?

This is a photo that i created for the rock climbing gym that I work at for a christmas ad. Let me know what you think...

My Body Guard

Welcome everyone ! Feel free to start some discussions !

Out of the window

This pic was taken in Sydney - Aus ! The sunset there is incridible with lot of different colors

The garden

This one was my first L.Ex , hope you guys enjoy it ! Welcome everyone !