Oh brother

This, is my little brother who has autism. He is my little model. XD

Basics Of Abstract Photography

Abstract photography and abstract art are very famous as it involves a trade of billions of dollars over a century. Any...


photo of a air bubble right after a raindrop fell in a puddle.

Four Faces

You Can See Four Faces On This Abstract Photography
Last: February 24, 2018

Candid Carter

Let me know what you think, love that CC. Thanks guys.

CC and feedback on some photos?

This is a photo that i created for the rock climbing gym that I work at for a christmas ad. Let me know what you think...
Last: August 8, 2016

My Body Guard

Welcome everyone ! Feel free to start some discussions !

Out of the window

This pic was taken in Sydney - Aus ! The sunset there is incridible with lot of different colors

The garden

This one was my first L.Ex , hope you guys enjoy it ! Welcome everyone !