8 Pro tips for flawless Family Portrait Photography

A family photoshoot is a tough task and for a photographer and can prompt some distressing circumstances. However, with...

10 Best Newborn Poses to Maximise Cuteness

10 Best Newborn Poses to Maximise Cuteness Newborns can't model for you all alone – regardless of whether you ask...

Hanging Out

My Daughter last fall, post with ACDSee


My Daughter last fall.

Safety of pictures

I want to post some pictures of my six year old daughter but I fear internet privacy and the ever present GOOGLE Web...

Searching for unique school photo/article (bar scene)

Hi, my name is Mike Smith. A couple of years ago, I saw a photo / article either here on FStoppers or in a magazine...


Hello, My name is Jennifer and just joined the group. Look forward to seeing all the beautiful children images.

Kids and Kodachrome

I've been messing around with the internal customization in my camera, and found a great simulation for Kodachrome 64...

HSS Flash/Strobe & Ambient Light!

Hi Guys, in this Video I have explain in a short way difference between HSS Flash/Strobe & Ambient Light! 👇 https...

Best Friends!

Best Friends! 🥰 Canon Eos R, 85mm F/1.2, F/1.2, 1/1600s, iso 100, Natural Light!

Me & Ted

Holiday mini

Me and Teddy

Part of a Christmas mini session. It was just begging for more.

Kids Photography!

Canon Mark III 85mm · f/1.2 · 1/500s · ISO 100

Test shot

This photo was originally just a test shot. The first picture I have taken in 3 years. After looking at it further, I...


These are some interesting shots, catching the spectrum from the window.

Can anyone give me advice on post processing with this one?

I'm such a newbie. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong with Photoshop on this one?

Using Crystals with Children

Learn how to use crystals with kids and babies safely in this comprehensive guide. Children love crystals. Children are...

Joy of summer

Niina having fun at the beach

Portrait with 6 Different Lenses!

Portrait with 6 Different Lenses! 100-400mm F/5.6, 70-200mm F/2.8 USM II, Macro 100mm F/2.8, 85mm F/1.2, 35mm F/1.4, 16...

Children Photography

Children Photography Canon 5D Mark IV, 85mm F/1.2, F/1.2, 1/3200s, iso 100, Hss Strobe with Octabox https://www...