Hi everyone, from the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

My husband and I recently retired and moved from Cape Town to Malalane, which is 10 minutes from the Kruger National Park.

We were in a predicament when we moved up here, as obviously we did not know anyone, as we use our photography as a second income. We came across...

Problem Solving

Hey guys,

Been trying to brainstorm this one myself but after a week and no answer I thought I'd throw it out there!

Recently a client has come to me with quite a big job, and must of it is fine, however there is one thing i can't seem to work around.
They want venue shots of a big restaurant that sits at the top of a...

Looking for Feedback

Hi everybody! I'm new here!

I've been shooting for my wife's fashion blog for the last couple of years and checking up on fstoppers and other sites to try and learn more about photography.

I created an account because I was hoping somebody with more experience and a better eye could take a look at some of my photos and offer some...


New to Fstoppers. just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 28 years old. been doing photography for over 6 years. mainly events and natural light shoots, but I went on some pretty big adventures over the last couple of months. basically just looking for the next big thing, I guess. :)

Do you find photography therapeutic?

Hey Friends!

New to the FStoppers community, although I've been a reader and fan for a while. I wanted to gauge the community on the question: do you find photography to be therapeutic?

I personally believe it saved my life, which is why I started The One Project ( the photography community for people...

Commercial Video Project

Hello Everyone!

A friend recently contacted me asking if I was willing to film and produce a video of her climbing ability. She is planning to apply for climbing sponsorships in the near future, and the companies look for videos of climbing achievements. I have never done a paid video before, but a friend and I have done unpaid work,...

Sold my First Prints!

Hello all!

I hit a Big milestone last night in my photography, as I sold my first canvas prints to a customer. However, personally I am more satisfied with the fact that the photos were sold at auction for charity, with all money going to Cystic Fibrosis. I paid $70 for two prints, and one sold for $75, the other for $60. I could not be...

My first exhibition!

Hi all, I just wanted to say that I'm pretty stoked that my first exhibition is opening in about a months time. It's only in a local art's café but I've been given the whole place for a month ☺ I've got about a million things to do before the opening night and I'm equally stressed out and excited about it! Wish me luck lol

D610 Autofocus Issue

So I have been having autofocus issues with my d610 and only today really figured out what is going on. After calibrating on the center focus point as usual I was still getting both front and back focus issues but every time I checked the calibration I was spot on. Turns out the further out the focus point I use to the right the camera is back...

Crop sensor lenses

I am wondering if I buy a crop sensor lens do I have to still multiply the focal length and aperture of the lens for it being on a crop sensor body?

Your Dream Classroom

I have been recruited this year to revamp the photography and post-production program at a local prep school. The year has presented a lot of challenges and rewards, and I am now in a position to design the best classroom setup for photography that I can. The main genres that I teach are portraiture, fashion / beauty, nature, and architecture...

Need some help with strobes!

Hey guys, I could really use some help. What is a good alternative to the way-out-of-my-price-range Profoto B1. I was looking at the Flashpoint Rovelight 600. My setup is a Canon 5d mkIII and Youngnou 622-C and 622-C tx triggers. I am a wedding photographer and I really need something that can handle hypersync/supersync to be able to kill the...

Should wedding photographers be able to turn down gay weddings

By now you have probably all heard the uproar over the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" in Indiana. This law was put in place to protect religious people's beliefs in the workplace but has had tremendous backlash as an "anti gay" law. From the oppositions point of view, this law would give businesses the opportunity to refuse service to gay...

bts – Water Solán de Cabras

A short summary of the criation of the image Water<a href="" target="_blank"> Solán de Cabras</a>

I had a mental idea of the image i wanted to creat, so I started preparing everything i knew i was going to need ...

I started by creatingthe improvised "pool", for it i used a black plastic bag, to...

Issue with uploading images

Hi guys

I have already been in contact with the support here on Fstoppers, but it seems like they have a hard time figuring out what causing this issue.

When I create a new post in a group in the community section and then choose to upload an image to the post I get stuck. When I click the "Upload Images" button and select a photo...