Aerial views of Washington State

Aerial views of some of my favorite locations in Washington State.


A running and skiing trip under the amazing lights and colors of the Great North. Shoot in Lapland, Finland in December...

The Last Snow (I hope)

Parts of the Mid-West experienced some late-season snowfall this week. Detroit got covered in a beautiful blanket of...

Wind Turbine, Merrill, Michigan

Clouds swirl over the wind turbines in Merrill, Michigan.

Montreal Ferris Wheel

Shot on a Mavic 1 Pro using brackets. Edited in Photoshop!

Snowy Sunrise

I don't fly my drone as much as I used to but I rode out the snow storm at a camp in the woods. The next morning...

Abandoned Home Sunset

This was shot during the summer and just before sunset. This home is abandoned but the grounds are still owned by the...

Wartburg - UNESCO World Heritage

Aerial shot of the Wartburg near Eisenach in Germany. The Wartburg is a UNESCO World Heritage. Permission for flight...