Our pets


The true rulers of the house!

These are my two cats, Mac (on the left) and Dusty (on the right). They are my best subjects because they lay around...

Sig the German Shepherd

Went out to do some wildlife photography this fall with my German Shepherd. However, the day we chose was the opening...


Studio shot of my neighbours dog Wanda

Patriotic Kittens

Being that these kittens are American's own breed, the "American Shorthair" it was only appropriate to create a setting...

Dog Park Gold

I often go to the local dog parks, just to try capturing some creative shots. This past Sunday afternoon, these were my...

You wouldn't take this bowl from me, would you?

I started doing personal photo walks at dog parks last year and just love what endearing shots I’ve come up with. It...

Barn Cat

It's a cat - staring at me as cats do. Probably thinks he better than me.