Photographing Rainbows and Moonbows At Yosemite National Park

This video was emailed to us and I when I watched it I thought "wow I've never seen anything like this before!" We've all seen rainbows and you've probably had your fair share of experiences taking images of them. What's so interesting about this video is it showcases the elusive "moonbow" formed as moonlight passes through the mist created by waterfalls. Yosemite National Park is known for it's amazing rock formations, waterfalls, and forests but few people know how beautiful it can look after the sun has set.

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It really cool to watch the "moonbow" move up and down the mist, as the angle of the moon changes over time.

Never realized there was any such thing as "moonbows". Thanks, nice video. Sometimes I forget how incredibly beautiful my state is.

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All i can hear these days is Double Rainbow :O