[iPhoneography] Schneider Optics Will Soon Offer The "iPro Lens System"

Sources are reporting that Schneider Optics, a division of Schneider Kreuznach, has launched a new interchangeable lens system built specifically for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The new system is available now with two lenses: a wide angle and a fisheye lens. Schneider has said that they are also crafting a 2x telephoto lens in the near future, but it is still in the pre-production state. Called the "iPro system," the lenses rely on a bayonet mount that is part of a new hard case for the iPhone and precisely fits their iPro lenses. The lenses are made of aluminum, heavy glass, and high quality multi-layer coatings and a lens case that doubles as a mini monopod. The price? For a case, wide and fisheye lenses, and handle, you can look at being set back a measly $199. The telephoto will be available in April for around $99.

via: Arstechnica.com

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While this seems utter useless and annoying - I can see a small market for this in the future. If everything was working flawless, that is.

Imagine using your iPhone to capture your vacation. It's tiny and portable and you can share the photos in no time. The cameras today are not smart in any way. If you want to do some wide angle or tele stuff, you mount the kit. I'm mostly thinking of future phones with better sensors, that are on the same level as compacts (which some even today are). When you're done, just put the case in your bag - and use the phone like normal.

That would only happen if phone makers didn't bring zoom lenses in their phones though. There's a new Polaroid Phone that actually has a lens that goes out of the phone, when the camera is turned on (like most compacts).

I don't know were this is going, but as of right now - no one would buy this.

get a life ppl! Carry an X100, X10 or even a Canon S95, Nikon P7100 and take much better photos without carrying a camera bag! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...