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Lee Morris
Charleston, SC
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I've been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. In 2010 I cofounded Fstoppers.com with Patrick Hall.

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I'm wondering if you have made any prints from the Zenmuse X5. I'm thinking of investing in one but am curious to see if anyone has yet to make any prints.

I have a question the Nikon D750s that you bought from gray market. Do they have a 8 digit serial number?

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Not sure, they are mixed in to our others.

Hello there Lee,

I came across your site when you did your comparison of a MBP vs Surface Book. My friend and I have been debating since you wrote that what you meant when you said: " In Premiere, the MBP was able to render 4k footage with up to 4 effects on the fly while the Surface Book couldn't even play 4k footage smoothly at 1/8 resolution."

Do you mean that the Surface Book couldn't play the video in premiere smoothly without effects or with effects on the Surface Book. If it is even without effects that it couldn't play video, that seems very strange indeed.

Other blogs purport that video editing and playing in 4k is flawless. My bet is that there was some slip up when you setup premiere and imported the file? (not accusing, I do that all the time too)

Anyways, we're really interested. Hope you can reply back, or even write a follow up report.

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Hey Lee! A question about your wedding lighting setups when using multiple lights off camera. I see you're using PW III's since you can assign lights to groups, and are triggering them with another PW III attached to your camera. Is a 2nd shooter also able to have a PW III attached to use those lights as well or would your PW III trigger their camera and vice versa when shooting? Are you able to make a PW III just a transmitter? So the two cameras would have PW III's as transmitters, and say three lights would have PW III's as receivers. All on the same channel, allowing both shooters to turn off each group as needed. I'm able to do that now with my Pixel King Pro and Pixel King X's, but as of recently, they have become less reliable. Sometimes a group that is on won't fire, or a group that is shut off will still fire. If I can do this with PW III's and have the reliability, I'll change over to them!


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Doh! I should have looked a bit harder. Found it right here! https://fstoppers.com/studio/fstoppers-reviews-new-pocket-wizard-plus-ii...

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Hello Lee! Let me start by saying that I think what you've created with Fstoppers is fantastic! I saw in your other video that you began as a graphic designer and transitioned to commercial photography. I am currently studying graphic design but have been (attempting) commercial photography for a few years now. I wanted to study graphic design so that I could "round" myself out more as a working professional. I know a fair amount about photography and am always learning. My question is, what do you think would be the best field to get a degree in, Commercial photography or graphic design? Thanks for any input! If you like please respond to my email at JacobMcKee@McKeeMedia-Design.com

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Just wondering if you are still looking for new contributors. I have been a pro photographer for 30 plus years, I am a Leica Ambassador, an Ilford Master printer and write for a variety of Australian magazines (Australian Geographic, Better Photography, Outback etc)
My website is at www.nickrains.com or nickrains.photoshelter.com

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Lee. As a wedding/commercial documentary photographer in the little-known city of Spokane Washington, I don't have many industry professionals to critique my work. I love the idea of the Fstoppers community. I've been actively participating in it for a couple weeks now, after watching your videos on YouTube for a couple years. People even rated a couple of the images in my "Portfolio"! 1, 2, and even a 3 star! I would really love to get feedback on HOW I could make those images 3, 4, and even 5 star. I feel like people are so quick to rate, and so not quick to give input on what they'd like to see in the images. Maybe you could comment on a few of my photos?

Thank you!

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Hey Lee,
With out blowing to much smoke up your tail pipe! you and Patrick are building an awesome blog'y/community/video info/ tutorial store "thing", I been watching your vids on you tube for some while now and you guys have got it going on.. Just a quick question! How do I get more interaction on profile and get my image seen for some feedback as i think it really helps, just a quick pointer on how to get new images in to the community pot too, sorry to ask dude I can only imagine how busy you are :)

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Hi Lee. As a big fan of your project with Elia Locardi I have a question about your Video AirDrone.
I'm really concerned of what kind of drone to choose for traveling. DJI inspire 1 or which one you used that video.
Do you have any recommendations for me?