How to Be Chosen for Fstoppers' Picture of the Day

How to Be Chosen for Fstoppers' Picture of the Day

Here at Fstoppers we pride on the fact that our readers all come from different aspects of photography and are insanely talented. We want to show our gratitude by featuring your work! Now that we have released the new website and more importantly the new Fstoppers community, it's even easier to get your work noticed and possibly picked for a coveted spot on our "Picture of the Day" section. 

For over a year I have been personally handling the "Picture of the Day" section at Fstoppers. Yes, that means that every single day I scour the internet looking for stunning imagery to post on our website. I got the idea that instead of looking randomly on the internet for photos, why not reach out to our readers by having members of the Fstoppers Facebook group submit their best images and send me their stories behind the images in their own words. 

With the release of the new Fstoppers community I will be picking images straight from the readers themselves. Hopefully these tips will help you improve your chances to be chosen as "Picture of the Day". 

Above is one of my shots that is posted on my portfolio section of the Fstoppers community. This is a great example of what I am looking for in a great picture of the day. I am not just looking for amazing quality when I post the picture of the day. This image is nice (then again I am a bit biased), but looking beyond the quality of the image all of the information has been filled out.

When you upload your images to your portfolio on Fstoppers make sure you fill out all of the information about the photo. The EXIF data should be listed under the EXIF portion of the page, but most importantly the description is filled out with information about the photo. You know your photo best and who better to tell the audience about the photograph than yourself? Write about how you shot the image, about the subject, why you chose the concept, or perhaps write some background on the image (like the one I posted above). This is probably the biggest thing I look for when choosing photos to publish. Does it have good content attached to the image? 

I also suggest to take your time and check your grammar when uploading your images and the description. While I'm not looking for perfect grammar, I will probably pass up a photo that has a poorly written description with obvious spelling mistakes and poor capitization - the easier it is to read the better. I also love it when a photographer expands on their description. Instead of just writing one or two lines of text about your photo try to elaborate. A good size is about four-five sentences long.  

One thing I notice that photographers forget when uploading their images onto their portfolio is a title. Make sure you have a title for your image. I'll pass over those that are untitled for the most part. If I comment on your image asking to expand on your description along with a link to this article that's a pretty strong hint that I would like to post your image as Picture of the Day. 

So, just to recap the only way to be chosen for the Fstoppers Picture of the Day section from now on is to sign up for our community and post your images in your portfolios. I do want to point out that you keep all the copyrights to your images and if for some reason you do not want to be featured just drop me a private message on Fstoppers or email me at and I will be more than happy to replace it with another image. Unfortunately I will not be able to choose any images that are NSFW (not safe for work) since they will be posted on the front page of the website uncensored. 

I look forward to browsing the community section of Fstoppers daily looking for your amazing photographs to feature. If you would like to submit an image for consideration please email the link to your image to or just drop me a private message on my Fstoppers profile.

EDIT: (July 30, 2014) If I comment on your photo with a link to this article that's a strong hint that you should fill out your information and description so that I can possibly make it Photo of the Day. Make sure you reply to my comment once you're done editing the information. 

You can sign up for the Fstoppers Community here:

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Orpheus Anonymous's picture

I love fstoppers and have learned so much from the different articles posted her daily. I look forward continuing the same process and benefiting from content posted in the future. That said, a quick look through the "popular photos" section quickly suggests that a shortcut to popularity here is to have attractive female subjects of fair skin tones. Before you bring on the hate, please sort through the "popular photos" and tell me how many portraits of people of color or men you see. Come to think of it, perhaps this points to a larger issue in the industry, not exclusive to fstoppers...

Jaron Schneider's picture

I don't disagree... with a predominantly male readership here (well, 60% at least) that is bound to happen. Though a video I did that did not feature a single female did make the top spot for a couple days.

I agree... but I do think the female form is more popular among male and female artists of all disciplines in general. It's also easier to find female models. A lot of photographers on here shoot fashion and commercial, and consumer marketing studies show that female models sell things better than male models. That isn't for everyone, I mean I'd buy anything if Henry Cavill was on it, but it's enough that there is just a higher demand for female models.

I have an easier time working with fair skin, personally. I shot with a male model from Morocco and am having a heck of a time in post processing. Exposure corrections are giving me weirdly orange skin tones, I'm having a hard time retouching around facial hair, just generally a difficult time. Perhaps retouching darker skin and retouching men would make some good tutorials.... HINT HINT. :)

David Vaughn's picture

The OP wasn't saying that there are too many people shooting fair-skinned women. If those models are the ones whom you love to work with, by all mean, do.

He was talking about how those are the only photos that seem to be popular, while people of color and men are generally not rated as well or are not viewed as much.

I was merely pointing out one reason WHY there might be a larger pool of photos of fair skinned women :)

David Vaughn's picture

It's not only the issue of color and gender. There's also a lack of variety in genre, purpose, and style as well. Many of the popular photos could have been taken by the same person and I wouldn't even know the difference until seeing who uploaded it.

But it's not something I didn't expect. Pretty women in pretty places lit prettily will always be infinitely more popular in the online photographer communities than most other kinds of work. It's just the nature of the beast for some strange reason. I don't understand it.

James Nedresky's picture

I agree that the "picture of the day" is heavily centered on attractive female subjects. Nothing at all wrong with that, and they're all quite beautifully done. Seeing how the header quotes these shots as being "popular" photos and videos, it's easy to see, as Jaron says, why the male majority of your readership would want to look, and thus make them popular.
Although fstoppers seems to include well written articles from across the entire spectrum of imagemaking, the "picture of the day" section, in my opinion can seem to end up being the most cliche looking. You know, the thought which comes into most people's heads if you tell them that you're a photographer... guys taking shots of models. Again, these shots are very nice and they definitely should be featured!! Yet a little more diversity here, since they're shown right at the top of the page, would, in my opinion, make the site seem more well rounded at first glance.

Tam Nguyen's picture


Bo Bickley's picture

Oh hell - I screwed that up. See my post below. New project for you.

Bo Bickley's picture

Tam - you could always shave your legs then put on some red stilettos and do a shot from the calf down (or up depending on your position). This should make a rather interesting story and BTS video. All of course to prove a point. That is unless you wear them when nobody's watching. :-o

Anonymous's picture

LOL @ "I will probably pass up a photo that has a poorly written description with obvious spelling mistakes and poor capitization..." Proper capitalization is important, agreed... :)

Bob Bell's picture

That R2D2 swimsuit pic is dope!

Rebecca Britt's picture

Thank you.

Percy Ortiz's picture

Picture of the day has been going on for over a year? :O :P

Stephen Tang's picture

If I use an aged lens (e.g. Schneider Xenon DKL 50mm f/1.9) with an adapter, how can I fill all the EXIF fields? I saw nothing about the f-value of aperture used on my raw record. I own a Canon EOS 70D camera body, thank you.

Savi You's picture

Hey Rebecca, I just wanted you to take a look again at my "Cloud Kingdom" photo...I didn't realize I never put a description up and it's probably my favorite in the series of fantasy composites I've been doing ;)

Cloud Kingdom by Savi You

nitzan gur's picture

Europe nature

Pink Amsterdam Bos by nitzan gur

Brad Barton's picture

I'm pretty sure that's the droid I'm looking for.

Andres Valcarcel's picture


Just open my account and upload some photos.
Hope to get some comments from the masters that i see around here!!