The Improved Fstoppers Gear Guide

Over the holidays we have been getting a lot of requests for a list of cameras and items that we use on both our photoshoots as well as our video shoots. We made a guide a few weeks ago but we felt it did not really explain why we prefer one product over another so we have completely redesigned it. Now when you visit the Fstoppers Gear Guide you can not only see cameras, flashes, lenses, and accessories that we use but you can also read a little insight on why we have included each item in our own personal camera bags. This guide will be updated as we find new and useful products and can always be viewed on the top of the sidebar.

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Adam Ottke's picture

Thanks for the updates. They're great! Just so you know, the picture for the 50mm 1.4 isn't for the AF-S version. Not a huge deal. Just saying. :-)

Lee Morris's picture

Good eye :) I'll swap it.

Adding an "Estimated Price" for each gear would be better for the readers. Just a suggestion. ;)

Lee Morris's picture

We considered that but we could never keep it up to date with price changing all the time.

Can you show us your light stands, boom arms,.... system?

And what is the size of Photek umbrella softbox in " King Street Studio" video ?
It looks like 46", but in your gear, it's 36".

Patrick Hall's picture

I thought Reese was using a 36". Either way, the light should be about the same, you can just get the 46" further away and have the same size light. As for the stands, yeah I can add those...we both prefer the Manfrotto Air Cushioned Stands and Booms.