The Winner Of The Fstoppers Twitter Macbook Air Giveaway Is...

The random winner of the Fstoppers Twitter Macbook Air giveaway is... Travis Lawton! You can congratulate him on Twitter at "@TheLawtographer". I scoped out his website (and stole his bio pic for this post) and he has really great work. Travis is a Seattle based shooter specializing in weddings, portraits, and music photography. This contest was a big success meaning that we can continue to do them so don't be bummed out if you didn't win. There will be plenty more to come.

Let's congratulate Travis in the comments below, and if you are Travis, send us a note at

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Toni Moore's picture

HUGE Congrats Travis!!!  Guess I'll keep saving for my Macbook, hehe!  Enjoy it!!!! :D


I'd have love to won (just like everyone else) but massive congrats to Travis! Put it to good use!!!

Lee Morris's picture

BTW, I'm not sending Travis a note about winning. I want to see how long it takes him to figure it out (or someone else to tell him)

Ian Ludwig's picture

I work with him and we just got back from getting coffee and he sat down and said something to the effect of "Hey I just got 4 tweets saying congrats..."

Congrats to him.

Congrats man and enjoy!

In shock right now! Thanks everyone for the congrats comments. BIG thanks to Fstoppers, Lee and Patrick. You guys and your site has been a massive go-to for me this year for both inspiration and learning! Thanks again.

Patrick Hall's picture

We should have told people to tweet something more puzzling like "uh oh, looks like you are in huge trouble...let me know if I can help in anyway" haha

I completely disagree with your idea Patrick and I'm glad you didn't think of it before the announcement :) you have that idea for the next contest HAHA.

Mike Folden's picture

SImply rad. You're on a roll dude. 

Congrats Travis and u've got a lovely site/blog.



Congrats Travis!

Congrats dude... ;) Have fun with the Mac... (It should be mine... :X)

Nancy R.'s picture

thatta boy!! BIG congrats

fuk disz. i wuntd to win. kurmit will win biches.