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Lee Morris
Charleston, SC

Articles written by Lee Morris

My New Filming Set Behind the Scenes

For the last couple of months, Patrick and I have been moving into our new homes in Puerto Rico and building out personal studios in each. Let me show you what I've built.

How to Remove Echo From a Concrete Room

Patrick and I have recently moved into new homes in Puerto Rico, and we have each been building our individual studios. I knew removing the echo from my concrete room was going to be difficult, but I didn't realize it would be this hard.

I Found My Stolen Guitar By Accident

Warning: although Photoshop was used to identify the guitar, this isn't really photography-related, but this story is too good not to share.

Our DJI Action 2 Review: Good but Not Great

For the last week, I've been playing with the new DJI's completely reimagined modular action camera system, the Action 2. Aspects of this new system are ingenious, but it is far from perfect.

PC User Reacts to New Macbook Pros

I've been one of the loudest critics of Apple's current Thunderbolt-only laptops, but they've quietly admitted their mistakes and brought back HDMI, SDXC, and MagSafe in the new Macbook Pros. I'm going to give them another chance.